No, Kate Gosselin was not in the bottom two yet again.  What is going on this season?  Do the viewers just not care that she is not any good?  I don’t understand the general public’s love for this woman. 

I would much rather have Buzz Aldrin around another week than her but unfortunately the 80 year old moon walker was voted out tonight but he left an amazing impression on all those who watched him and hopefully encouraged others they could take the iniative and try something new and different. 

Our other couple in the bottom two was none other than reality star Jake Pavelka and I must say I was pretty pumped by this because I didn’t like how Jake talked to Chelsie Hightower, his partner, during rehearsals and demanding respect from her, What was that?  Dude, she doesn’t have to respect you.  You have to respect her and do what she says because she is trying to teach you something.  Get over yourself.  I can’t stand men like him because he totally reminds me of my ex husband.  YUCK!!  I’d say fiance Vienna Girardi needs to take some notes and look out because he will be going off on her soon enough.  I’m hoping next week America will get it right and put Kate and Jake both in the bottom two.  What did you think about tonight’s elimination?

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