Bruce Jenner says he’s not excited about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West romance. Bruce Jenner is the latest Kardashian family member to offer his thoughts on Kim’s new romance with Kanye West, but unlike supporters Khloe and Kris Jenner, he says he’s “not that excited about it.”

The vet Olympian was asked about “Kimye” during a speaking engagement at Northeastern University on Wednesday night, and told the audience, “I’m not that excited, but we’ll see. Kimberly and I have had a conversation about them and their potential relationship.” According to TMZ, Jenner bears no ill will personally towards West; he’s simply hesitant about Kardashian rushing into another serious relationship after what happened with Kris Humphries.Now, we’re just waiting for Scott Disick’s two cents; it’s sure to be entertaining.