After watching the finale of Survivor last night, I almost forgot about “The Celebrity Apprentice”! This was the 1st part of a 2 part finale. It started off with the players getting pumped up about still being around..Sharon almost did strip tease right there! LOL..I’m like “Go Sharon”! But the fun ended pretty quick when they received a phone call informing them that Mr. Trump wanted them back in the boardroom! Sharon’s “Gut feeling” is right on the money when she once again says one of them will be fired right away..but not even Sharon’s great feel for things, prepared them for what was next!

Yes Sharon was right, there was going to be someone fired right off the bat..BUT, there would be 2 more to follow! In one night! At this point, after Survivor, I’m like ready to go into Reality TV Overdose! So after a gross comment by Maria and tongue lashing from Trump on how this is the boardroom NOT the locker room, Maria was fired! Clearly she was upset..

That left the final 4 to be interviewed by “Celebrity Apprentice” Joan Rivers and “Apprentice” Bill Rancic. After it was all said and done, Trump took their opinion’s and fired Curtis and Sharon! It sucked for me to see Sharon go, but in her own words admitted she got WAY too emotional! I understand her point with Holly, but why doesn’t Bret hear the same thing? Cuz he’s not a MOTHER? What kind of crap is that??

I hate on these reality shows when mom’s align with other mom’s for no other reason than because they’re both moms! Like, “I’m a mother and she’s a mother, so we can relate!” It doesn’t really work anyway, so I don’t get it! I don’t see guys doing that! I don’t see people like, “Oh hey, I had a kidney stone, so did you, now we’re bro’s!” What kind of logic is that Sharon? Then she says she doesn’t even know if she WANTS to beat Holly? How can Trump keep her after that? So bye Sharon! Way way WAY too emotional! To be honest, I love Sharon..but I’m a little bummed at her…

So this leaves Bret and Holly to square off! This one is sooo easy for me…COME ON BRET!! BTW, how weird is that knowing Bret could have died and is a finalist on the show! NOW I see why Donald Trump was so concerned! That could have been a disaster! How would they have even did that?? Wow…something to think about..but not for too long cuz Bret IS doing better, and I bet he’ll be on the finale, even if by phone or webcam!

I don’t like Holly, so I’m pulling for Bret all the way, even though it’s not looking too good for him right now, getting played by Curtis over the Snapple flavors! Another BTW, since when don’t they CHOSE their team as far as people coming back to help with the task? What, the 4 who came back were the ONLY ones who come back? That really sucks if that’s the case! I think they should lock these players down right in the beginning and tell them they have to come back!

I thought it was sooo lame to have them come back like that…and Darryl Strawberry? Come on! He don’t deserve to be back! Plus what kind of task is this? On previous seasons, they did event based it’s down to a taste test? Is this “Hell’s Kitchen” or “The Celebrity Apprentice”? I don’t know…it’s just not what I expected…and it’s real letdown after being an otherwise good season!

Come on Bret! Take Holly OUT!! She’s good and I respect her play…but do NOT like her! Sorry, but at least I’m upfront about it! I’m sure part of the reason is I had to put up with Rodney Peete as QB of the Lions for years here in Detroit! And those are NOT good memories! LOL JK..That’s not the reason I don’t like her and I actually wish she would have already been fired!

All that to say, I think she’ll probably win…Bret’s really gonna have to knock it out of the park to win! I don’t think Trump likes the guy very much and IMO the odds are stacked against Bret….we’ll see how it all plays out!! Stay tuned…

Killer K