As we see Week 4 on Big Brother 17 begin tonight on CBS, we know that tonight’s episode will end with the Fan Favorite Battle of the Block competition, so who won Battle of the Block on Big brother 2015 tonight for Week 4? Check out the Big Brother 17 details below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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As we saw last time on Big Brother 17, the lame HoH competition for Week 4 left us with Shelli and Liz as HoHs for Week 4. I was not happy about this one and thought it would be a week of nails on the chalkboard. However, it has turned into a not-so-terrible week, if the plans work out in the end. You can find out all the details in our live recap here!!!

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For tonight, thanks to our Big Brother 2015 spoilers, we find out that Liz nominates Jackie and James while Shelli nominates Jason and John. There was a lot of confusion on these noms and it was down to the last minute before any decisions were truly made. Then it all seemed to change afterwards, as the Pawn of BB17 (John) was told her could actually win the comp.

So, would he try to throw it or could he actually win a BotB? As it turns out, James and Jackie were successful in this one and they removed themselves from the block and dethroned Liz as HoH. That means we have John and Jason on the block still and another week of Shelli as HoH on Big Brother 17!

What do you think of the Veto results on Big Brother 2015?

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