The summer solstice may have been on Sunday, but summer doesn’t officially begin until tonight when the Big Brother 2015 premiere kicks off! CBS is happy to have it back and I am sure they are hoping to spice things up this season after a pretty mundane season last year. We get to meet the HGs tonight on Big Brother 17 and the action started for this two-night premiere of BB17! Check out a sneak peek at the Big Brother 17 premiere below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - BB17 Logo

Right now, things are kind of up in the air with how things are going to work these next two nights. We only have 14 new HGs this season, so rumors are pointing towards two more being added into the mix, which could come this week or maybe later in the season. We also have the Big Brother Takeover, which gives us one new guests arriving each week to deliver a new twist for the remaining HGs.

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All-in-all, CBS is keeping us out of the loop on a lot of the action right now, so I am very intrigued for this premiere and to see more twists and details coming out way. Julie Chen is back and it is almost time for the Big Brother 2015 premiere and the Live Feeds starting after the West Coast airing of Night 2 on Thursday!

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Take a look at the new HGs on Big Brother 2015 here:

And now check out some sneak peek photos of the Big Brother 17 house here:

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