We had Night 1 of the Big Brother 17 premiere last night on CBS and we saw 8 new Houseguests move into the Big Brother 2015 house! Tonight, the other HGs will move in and the summer will officially begin! We saw Big Brother host Julie Chen announced three new twists on BB17, but most of them are repeats! Check out the Big Brother 17 twists below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - New Twists for BB17

Last night on Big Brother 17, it was the return of BB and the return of Julie Chen. We have, yet again, the two-night premiere and the two-night move-in. We had eight HGs move in during Night 1: Clay, Shelli, Da’Vonne, Meg, Austin, Audrey, James and Jace. To be honest, no one particularly ticked me off and I seemed to like them all. We have an early showmance, as Shelli and Clay seem into each other, but we haven’t even seen them really chat with each other. The first HoH took place and it was James winning the first one!

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Julie did announce three twists during the premiere:

  1. Battle of the Block – I don’t know who CBS talks to, but they said this was a fan favorite. Who are the fans??? So, we have the return of BotB and that means dual HoHs again, hence why we had one HoH competition last night. If you aren’t familiar, there are two HoH winners every week and they each nominate two HGs for eviction. The Battle of the Block takes place and the winners are taken off the block and the person that nominated them is dethroned as HoH, leaving only one for the week and two nominees until Power of Veto is played.
  2. BB Takeover – Each week, a new guest will arrive to deliver some kind of twist. That means a new twist will be introduced every week, so the HGs have to always be on their toes, depending on how intense these “twists” are.
  3. Twin Twist – So, one of the HGs has an identical twin. They will be switching places with each other and both trying to play the game and pull one over on their fellow HGs. If they can convince the HGs that they are one player and survive the first five evictions, then they both will enter the game and play as individuals!

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What do you think of the Big Brother 2015 twists?

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