The wait is over and the Big Brother 2015 premiere is about to start on CBS, as we are about to meet the new Houseguests on Big Brother 17 and see them move into the Big Brother 2015 house! Now is the time to remember their names and their faces or you’ll be trying to do that all summer long! Watch the Big Brother 17 premiere tonight with us during our Big Brother 2015 Spoilers Live recap and see who won Head of Household on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - BB17 Premiere Recap

If you have missed any of my Big Brother 2015 spoilers, then you have missed a lot. We have a lot of new twists coming for Big Brother 2015, which Big Brother host Julie Chen will reveal to the HGs during the premiere. We have another two-night premiere for BB17, so does that mean HGs moving in both nights and two HoH competitions? Those details will hopefully come tonight, but we also have the Big Brother Takeover and a new guest (previous HGs or CBS stars) arriving each week with a new twists for the HGs, including a new guests arriving tonight and tomorrow!

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The fun starts soon, so follow along with us tonight during our Big Brother 17 Live Recap below!

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Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2015 Spoilers Live Recap or see who won HoH on Big Brother 17 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…Julie said they are introducing three twists this season: one is a fan favorite, one the audience knows and the other is the BB Takeover. Now time to meet the first eight HGs tonight, so we are having two move-ins?

The first 8 are:

  • James – He said people are going to underestimate him with his size.
  • Meg – She has a gay husband and is very bubbly.
  • Jace – He is a daredevil and wants to use that on the show.
  • Audrey – She said she is a girls girl, but competitive and looking to surprise people.
  • Austin – We hear about his alter ego, Judas, again and he will be the one manipulating people.
  • Da’Vonne – She said she wants to be covered in all angles of the house and doesn’t mind blood on her hands or even up to her neck.
  • Clay – He lives on a farm and is a family guy. And they make him throw the football around with no shirt on, which I don’t mind seeing!
  • Shelli – She is absolutely a girly girl, but not afraid to take things into her own hands.

Meg said superfans scare her. Audrey wants to keep the slides of all the HGs she has had a hand in evicting (love it). The HGs are all packed up and heading to the house and now in the studio with Julie!!! The first four to enter are Da’Vonne, Shelli, Clay and Austin. Isn’t there the first person in the house jinx??? That was Da’Vonne, so I am not happy!

The other four enter the house. James is upset the fridge is not stocked with beer! Audrey said she is about to tell her big secret for the first time to complete strangers. The HGs get their champagne and time to tell everyone a little about each other. Jace jokes about being a pedicab driver. Shelli is in love with Clay. Clay and Shelli both had heart murmurs, so just go into the bedroom and do it already. Da’Vonne said she is a second grade teacher and not a poker dealer. James seems funny and he is into Meg! Audrey tells everyone that she is transgendered and I got chills. They are all accepting and Clay looks shocked. Such a great moment to see such acceptance!

Shelli, Da’Vonne and Audrey chat and they want women to do good this season. They like the vibe and think it is a good move to make an alliance among them. Oh lord, alliances already! Audrey continues her story and troubles with her family early on and Da’Vonne is loving it, as it adds to the story and her sympathy, so work it out!


  • Fan Favorite – Battle of the Block is back. Did we really like it that much? We will have two HoHs again and they each nominate two HGs and they compete in the Battle of the Block. The winning pair will dethrone the HoH that nominated them and they will come off the block.

Now it is time for the first HoH competition, but Julie said one of them will be sitting out! They have to talk it out and Da’Vonne volunteers, as long as they don’t nominate her. They agree, but what does this mean???

HOH COMPETITION – It is a movie premiere and Kevin Frazier from Entertainment Tonight is there to introduce the competition. He asks them some questions, but time to get this started. It is a film premiere and it has gotten horrible reviews. They will have tomatoes thrown at them and the first to catch ten tomatoes will win HoH. Gall off the platform and you are out! It comes down to a photo finish and who fell last and it is James winning the first HoH of Big Brother 17!


  • BB Takeover – A new twist is introduced each week and it will be introduced with some very lame music! Once the music is played, they have to go to the living room and they’ll never know what it is!

The HGs are freaking out and they are all on edge. We still don’t even know what it means for Da’Vonne sitting out!


  • Twin Twist – One of the HGs has an identical twin. They will be switching spots and each playing the game this season. If they can convince the HGs that they are one player and survive the first five evictions, then they both will enter the game and play as individuals! So, who could it be???

We get a sneak peek look at the HGs for tomorrow and only six moving in tomorrow? Julie said we have another BB Takeover and they’ll be bringing game-changing news, so has to be the two other HGs, right???

The Big Brother 2015 premiere is done for tonight. What did you think?

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