Wednesday Night on Big Brother 2015 means it is Power of Veto Night and time to find out the final nominees for Week 3 on Big Brother 17! Tonight should be a night of Vanessa trying to justify her actions, as she doesn’t want to upset anyone apparently. Check it out with us tonight during our Big Brother 2015 Recap and see who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

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Last time on Big Brother 17, it was supposed to be a night of figuring out the nominees for the new week and the Battle of the Block competition. However, CBS thinks we really enjoy this Twin Twist and half the show focused on that and the twins being outed by some of the house (officially) and thinking they can keep it from the rest of the house (which told them about it in the first place). I am beyond annoyed, but in the end we saw Jason & Meg win the BotB and take themselves off the block. That dethroned Austin as HoH and left us with Vanessa as the lone HoH for Week 3.

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The fun starts soon, so follow along with us tonight during our Big Brother 17 Recap below!

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Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2015 Recap or see who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 17 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…lots of game talk, as Vanessa tries to figure out the target this week. It is between James and Jeff, but she is leaning towards James because he is a bigger threat in comps and then they can send home Jeff next week!

PICKING VETO PLAYERS – Vanessa, John and James will be competing. Vanessa picks Shelli. John picks HG Choice and he selects Austin. James picks Audrey. Vanessa is happy with Audrey being picked, but everyone else is pissed.

VETO COMPETITION – This is the Gronk and Roll and the players get in a giant die and they have to roll around and bring it back to the pod with the correct number on top. They play in rounds until one person is left standing and wins Power of Veto on Week 3 on Big Brother 2015. It comes down to Austin and John and it was a close one, but John wins veto again and I love him!

BB TAKEOVER – We are having Gronk Parties all week. Everyone has to show up to these parties and if you don’t, then you will become a Have-Not for the week. They have parties for a while and do the lamest things and this twist sucks. So, not party and become a Have-Not? Most of them volunteer anyways, so I hate this.

Jeff talks with Vanessa and she said she is a champion of causes and she can’t send Audrey home. She said James is her target. Jeff goes and tells James, Jason and Clay about it. Then Austin comes up and Jeff tells him and he acts surprised about the target shifting to James. He said he’ll go talk to Vanessa and he leaves, but Jason knows he is lying!

Jeff then tells Clay that they an’t trust Austin. Clay brings that back to Austin and now time to make this into something it isn’t. Austin confronts him and Vanessa comes in and that was beyond stupid and no dramatic at all. God, I hate all of these people. Clay and Shelli were smirking in the background and Austin and Vanessa can’t act. I just laughed.

BB TAKEOVER – The two HoH winners, two Battle of the Block winners and Veto winner get to compete in a luxury comp. They pick a glass and chug the drink and if it contains a chip then they win a cruise on Gronk’s ship. Meg gets the chip and wins the cruise!

VETO MEETING – John starts his speech, but gets interrupted by a lame Gronk party and they have to dance….stupid. We get back to the meeting and John removes himself from the block and Vanessa gives a lame speech about lying and he was never on her radar and he tested her integrity in front of a room full of people and because of that Jeff has to go on the block! So, the final nominees for Week 3 are Jeff and James.

What do you think of tonight’s episode?

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