We are down to the Final 3 on Big Brother 2014 and it may be a Friday, but we have a special episode of Big Brother 16 tonight and the fun starts for Finale Week on Big Brother 2014! It is crazy that we are less than one week away from finding out the winner of Big Brother 16 and that journey starts tonight with Part 1 of the Final HoH competition! Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Week 10 HoH Photos 4

Last time on Big Brother 16, we had the second eviction of the week and it was a live eviction episode. We had to get caught up on all the events of the week though, which we saw Derrick win Head of Household the night before. From there, he convinced the other three HGs to do his plan of nominees, but made them think it was all on them. The Power of Veto was held and Derrick did not try hard and Caleb and Victoria sucked it up, so Cody took home the victory and had the lone vote for the week, which he cast on Caleb and he was sent to the jury house!

That leaves us with Cody, Derrick and Victoria in the Final 3 on Big Brother 2014. Tonight will be the first part of the final HoH competition of the season. We will also see the HGs sit down to a big breakfast and reminisce about the season and all the crazy moments. Before tonight, check out some photos from this past week in the Big Brother 2014 house:

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Now check out a preview for Big Brother 2014 tonight:

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