We will see the aftermath of the Double Eviction show on Big Brother 2014 last time, as the HGs truly get to have everything sink in from that quick hour on Big Brother 16. Where do alliances now lie? Who is all alone in the Big Brother 2014 house? Can anyone take down Derrick? A new HoH competition Week 7 nominees and a Battle of the Block that I am dying to see play out! Check out a sneak peek at Big Brother 16 tonight below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Week 6 HoH Photos 19

Last time on Big Brother 16, it was the Double Eviction show. Things kicked off with a look back at the week and the HGs getting the plan in action for the first eviction. No big shocker, but Jocasta was eliminated and joined the jury house. Then it was time for the HoH competition (Caleb won), Nominations Ceremony (Caleb put up Donny and Hayden), Veto Competition (Donny won), Veto Meeting (Donny took himself off the block and Caleb put Nicole up as the renom) and then the second live votes (Hayden was evicted in a 5-2 vote). So, Hayden and Jocasta were eliminated, but joined the jury house and someone from there will have a shot at earning a spot back in the Big Brother 2014 house!

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Tonight we see the new HoH competition (two winners again) and then nominations are made and the Battle of the Block competition, in which one HG will throw it to try and get a big threat out of the house! This is going to be good! Before tonight, check out some photos from the Double Eviction on Thursday:

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Now check out a preview for Big Brother 2014 tonight:

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