Most would think a Wednesday night on Big Brother 2014 would mean Veto Night a chance to see who wins and then have the HoH determine the final nominees for Week 9 on Big Brother 16, but it will be The Frankie Show tonight. I am hoping that CBS limits the show, as Team America tries another mission, but will we allow it to pass? Watch with us tonight during our Big Brother 2014 Spoilers Recap and see who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 2014 tonight!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Least Favorite Player Poll

If you have missed any of my Big Brother 2014 spoilersthen tonight will be a big surprise to you. All these events take place by Monday in the Big Brother 2014 house and we just get to see them tonight on CBS! Last time on Big Brother 16, we saw the new HoH competition and then the Nomination Ceremony take place, which was the first time we had only one HoH crowned for the week after the dual HoH twist came to an end! Tonight is Veto Night, so it is time to see who wins and who the final nominees are for Week 9!

The fun starts soon, so follow along with us tonight during our Big Brother 16 Recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2014 Spoilers Recap or see who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…back to the Nomination Ceremony and Donny calls out Cody and said he’d never target him by himself. All we have is veto to work for us. Here comes the talk of Donny being a genius again and Caleb thinks he is Rain Man and special intelligence in the military and he reads people really well. One thing is for sure: Caleb is not very bright!

TEAM AMERICA: Donny gets the card for the mission and they can make up their own mission this week and it has to be approved by America. If the vote ends with America being impressed, then they get $5,000. Donny says his mission would be to keep all of Team America together!

Now we see Victoria and her face is swelling up and she hurts and is embarrassed. It is with her wisdom teeth and she does not look like she is having fun. It all escalates to Victoria going in the bathroom and passing out! In come the medics and she is out of it! We see the HGs helping her out and being kind and Donny said a little prayer for her….love that man. They take her into the Diary Room. She comes back out and is feeling better and ready to compete.

Derrick meets with Frankie and he is anti-save Donny plan and he does not think that would be an acceptable mission or that America would approve and will think of something fun….ugh.

Time to pick players for the Veto Competition for Week 9. They will be Cody, Nicole, Donny, Christine, Derrick and Frankie! This does not look good for Nicole and Donny, but then again, did it ever?

Donny talks with Derrick and he doesn’t get why everyone is so paranoid about him and he does nothing wrong. Derrick says some nice things to Donny and I like hearing it, but in comes Frankie and they talk about the mission. Frankie doesn’t think it would work to save Donny and it would look too risky. He wants to do a freaking play! Donny gives up and Derrick sheds some tears. He knows Donny is an amazing man and would win, which is why he has to go home and you can’t blame him for that one. Derrick is worried about this play getting approved by America (it won’t).

Before the Veto Competition, they discuss it being the “Stay and Fold” competition and they will throw it to Frankie to beat Donny.

VETO COMPETITION: For this, they have BB Cafe and they get to scope out the area and check out all the goodies in the cafe. Frankie is supposed to win this and they need to win three clearance badges. They can answer the question and either stay or fold. If they stay and closest to the number, then they get a badge. If they fold, they get to come back for the next round. If they stay and furthest from the correct answer, they are eliminated! They all kept folding and gave the veto to Cody, but he takes Donny and Nicole to the Scorpion premiere with him!

We get to see the screening, as they have a room full of snacks and both Donny and Nicole are Have Nots, so they are eating up the food! They love the show, but don’t they have to say that?

Frankie starts dropping the ball that he wants to do something fun and the eight remaining HGs will play the eight evicted HGs. What they didn’t show was that production put them on a fake lockdown and were forced to do this because no one wanted to. How ridiculous does Frankie look??? Donny says his mission would have been better and we agree!

TEAM AMERICA VOTE: I need each and every one of you to CLICK HERE and VOTE OPTION 2!!! The mission was a farce and they don’t deserve money!!!

VETO MEETING: Nicole says she doesn’t expect Cody to use it on her, but expect the unexpected! Cody does not make any changes, so Donny and Nicole remain on the block!

What do you think of the final nominees for Week 9 on Big Brother 2014?

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