All the buildup comes to an end tonight on Big Brother 2014, as the winner of Big Brother 16 is announced by Julie Chen and someone becomes a lot richer! It is down to Victoria Rafaeli, Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur and one of them will be the Big Brother 2014 winner! Find out during our Big Brother 2014 Spoilers Live Recap and see who won Big Brother 2014 tonight!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Finale Results

Last time on Big Brother 16, we saw the Final 3 get started on the final HoH competition of the season, which happens to be three parts. While we still have to see it all play out tonight on CBS, our Big Brother 2014 spoilers have given us all the details of the first two winners.

We not only have the live vote tonight on Big Brother 2014, but we also get to see all three parts of the final Head of Household competition take place. Then we get some jury house footage, as Dr. Will Kirby (Big Brother 2 winner) pays the jurors a visit! That should be intense and also funny to see which of the ladies throw themselves at him (or even Frankie)! Watch it all with us during our Live Recap starting soon, but check out my predictions for tonight in the meantime!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2014 Spoilers Live Recap or see who won Big Brother 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…Julie mentions all these twists and how they have survived the “most twisted summer” yet. Does she really think the twists mattered??? Now we look back at the season and how we got to this point.

PART 1 OF FINAL HOH COMPETITION: We go back to this and they are hanging on tight and floating from the wall. The water is coming down pretty hard and they are at some tough angles. Props to Victoria, as she lasted about an hour and a lot longer than I thought she would. Now the guys start talking and we see Derrick keep saying that Cody would be better in the second round and he is better at mental comps. He said he would throw it to Cody if he wants, but he feels better with Cody in Part 2. He finally falls and gives it to Cody, so Cody wins Part 1 of the final HoH competition!

PART 2 OF FINAL HOH COMPETITION: We have the backyard transformed to Egypt. They must climb the wall and put the pairings of the final nominees from each week on Big Brother 2014. The first one to get them correct will win Part 2 and go against Cody for Part 3. It is Derrick for the win, so he takes on Cody during Part 3 tonight on Big Brother 16 finale!

JURY ROUNDTABLE: Time for the jury! Nicole said Cody has not done much this game and hopes he comes walking through the door, but it is Caleb! He tells them about The Hitmen. Caleb and Frankie get into it. Nicole said you feel guilty when you betray him. They talk about Derrick not being on the block. They say he is the master manipulator. Donny said Derrick tried to work his friends over before going to the jury to work them. Jocasta said that Derrick fake prayed with her! Donny said that Cody did stuff and no one acknowledges that. Hayden said that Cody talked for Derrick. Christine said that they made a F2 deal very early and they played everyone. Zach said that Victoria thinks she is a summer camp. Hayden said she dumbs herself down in the house and has shown some smart moments, but Zach said she is just dumb. Jocasta and Caleb said they would vote for Victoria.

PART 3 OF FINAL HOH COMPETITION: It is called “Scales Of Just Us” and Julie will read statements from the jury members and they have to guess how the juror finished that statement. Who wins? It comes down to a tiebreaker question and Cody wins and now he decides who goes to F2 with him!

We head to the living room and time for Cody to pick the F2 for Big Brother 2014. He sticks with The Hitmen and votes to evict Victoria and he just gave up $450,000!

JURY Q&A – The jury is in place and find out that Cody and Derrick are the F2. They came up with three questions.

  • Christine asks Derrick about being a part of everyone’s eviction. He said yes and the jury likes it.
  • Frankie asks Derrick being the puppet master and Cody was playing along. He said he played a good social game and Cody got Frankie evicted and had his best friend flip and vote out Frankie.
  • Derrick said he did not use his family as a strategy.
  • Cody said his biggest move was when Zach was on the block and he went to Derrick to flip things and I don’t know what he meant.
  • Derrick said he went 55 nominations without being on the block and he deserves to win because of that and snaps from the jury.
  • Cody said his social game was a huge part of them getting to the end and people in the house were feeding him info.
  • Derrick says Victoria is a friend, but Cody was a friend and ally and he made the best choice for his game. The jury likes it and we just saw Derrick win $550,000 plus the $25,000 from Team America and the HoH comp.

Time for the non-jury HGs to return, as Joey, Devin, Amber, Paola and Brittany return and Julie announces Team America and the HGs find out who was in it. Did they forget Joey was in it first??? They go through the missions and make this look a lot more fun that it actually was! They don’t show the play!

Derrick reveals that he is a cop and not a parks and rec guy. He thanks Nicole for thinking he is too cool to be a cop. They show his casting interview and said this was his strategy.

RESULTS: Here come the votes from the jury:

  • Jocasta voted for Cody
  • Hayden voted for Derrick
  • Zach voted for Derrick
  • Donny voted for Cody
  • Nicole voted for Derrick
  • Christine voted for Derrick
  • Frankie voted for Derrick and he is the winner of Big Brother 16!!! He definitely deserves it out of any of them and takes home $550,000 for the win!

America’s Favorite HouseGuest is announced and the Top 3 votes-getters were Zach, Nicole and Donny. I am fine with any of them winning! There were over 10 million votes cast and the winner is DONNY with over 5 million votes! The tears come to me immediately and the season was just saved by that and no Frankie in the Top 3!

Derrick will also be on The Talk tomorrow, so not just Frankie.

What do you think of the Big Brother 2014 finale tonight?

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