We have another Double Eviction on Big Brother 2014 tonight, as the Big Brother 2014 cast gets ready to not only send one HG to the jury house (again), but they will send a second HG right behind them! This is one week of Big Brother 16 in one night, which is something that a lot of want to see: the rest of this season go by very quickly! So, who is voted off tonight on Big Brother 16? Watch with us during our Big Brother 2014 Spoilers Live Recap and see who got eliminated on Big Brother 2014 tonight!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Week 10 Photo Booth 25

We saw the action go down last night on Big Brother 2014, as Caleb and the guys contemplated making a big move this week. They seem to really want Frankie gone, but none of them have the balls to put him on the block and vote him out, but why not? The final nominees for Week 10 after Christine won the veto and took herself off the block are Victoria and Nicole.

The fun starts soon, but in the meantime check out our predictions for who we think goes home tonight! Our live recap starts soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2014 Spoilers Live Recap or who went home on Big Brother 2014 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…so, Jeff and Jordan will be coming into the Big Brother 2014 house on Sunday, but for what? Julie said she will introduce the twist later and it will affect the game like nothing else! Back to the Veto Meeting and Nicole calls Caleb a wimp and he is scared of her.

Because Caleb can’t keep his mouth shut, he tells Frankie about wanting to put him up and he was possibly going on the block. Caleb said it was Cody who seemed to want to keep Nicole and Frankie thinks it was more Cody than Derrick and he tells Caleb he is his biggest ally.

Julie goes to the living room to talk to the HGs and tells them this will be a double eviction tonight. Time for the speeches and Nicole says time to stop playing Big Baby and start playing Big Brother and start making some moves. Get it, girl!!! Time for that live vote to begin:

  • Christine votes to evict Nicole
  • Derrick votes to evict Nicole
  • Frankie votes to evict Nicole
  • Cody votes to evict Nicole

It was another unanimous vote and Nicole is evicted for the second time this season!

HoH COMPETITION: It is called “What The Bleep?” and Julie will play clips from evicted HGs, but will bleep out words. She will suggest what the word is and they must answer true or false! One question and Derrick is only one correct, so he wins HoH!

We see Derrick talking to Victoria and he tells her that Christine and Victoria are going up and he can’t put her up without making the other HGs looking at him. He talks to all the HGs and said it would be a waste if they send Victoria home to Caleb! It is Christine or Frankie!

NOMINATION CEREMONY: He said it is nothing personal, but it is based on what the house said. Christine and Victoria are on the block!

VETO COMPETITION: Go Christine!!!! Since only six HGs remaining, all of them are competing. They must navigate a ball through three unique crap circle mazes. First one done will win veto and Christine could do well with a puzzle! She did not do well, as Frankie wins veto and that ruined all our hopes and dreams!

VETO MEETING: I am so over Frankie and he looks so old. Life did not treat him well, huh? That skin is rough and old-looking for 31 years! They give their speeches and Frankie does not use Power of Veto, so nominees stay the same and Christine is headed out that door!

TEAM AMERICA VOTING: I guess it still exists and here are your options (beyond stupid again):

  • Wear down the competition by convincing everyone to fast for 24 hours while Team America secretly eats
  • Wear down the competition by convincing everyone there’s a rodent in the house and keep them up all night trying to catch it

Time for that live vote and eviction on Big Brother 2014. Do you think Christine thinks it is Victoria going? Christine’s speech doesn’t sound like she is too worried, so we should see a shocked look tonight! Here goes the votes:

  • Frankie votes to evict Christine (sadly)
  • Caleb votes to evict Christine
  • Cody votes to evict Christine

Another unanimous vote, as Christine has been evicted in the second live vote of the show.

BIG TWIST: That golden button is in the old Have Not room! It is the Big Brother Rewind and if it is pushed in the next few days, then the live vote next week will be stopped and the whole week will be played over again and the nominees will come off the block and could become HoH! Who gets to push the button and how????

The HGs see the button!!! Frankie is telling Caleb not to touch it, but he talks money and we all know he would touch it for money! Cody is feeling bad about the Christine cuddling and the audience reaction. He knows America doesn’t like him either!

What do you think of the twist on Big Brother 2014 tonight?

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