Many people have complained about Big Brother 2013 and it seems to be boring this season and the cast is terrible and blah, blah, but I happen to be enjoying this season and I think the potential is there for some crazy stuff to still happen on Big Brother 15! You gotta get rid of the trash in order to make good things happen and I feel these HouseGuests are doing just that. Tonight on Big Brother 2013, we begin where we left off and seeing that Aaryn won Head of Household for Week 5. Who did she put up as her nominees and what drama lead to that decision? Check out a sneak peek below and then come back later tonight to find out during our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Candice and Howard

Last time on Big Brother 2013, it was time for another live eviction show on CBS and the HGs went in front of Big Brother host Julie Chen and told them who they were evicting. The plan all worked out and in a 9-0 vote, Kaitlin Barnaby went home. Then in the HoH competition, Aaryn surprised (ad disappointed) us all and won HoH for Week 5! Now we have to deal with her for two more weeks then?

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During the previous week, Aaryn struck a deal with Helen, as long as they kept Aaryn in the house. If they did (and they did), she said she would throw the HoH competition (which she won) and she would do whatever they wanted her to do. Well, she won HoH, so will she follow what Helen tells her to do? We find out tonight when she makes her nominations, but check out a sneak peek here first:

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