The major topic of conversation where it concerns Big Brother 15 has been that certain HouseGuests are spouting some racial and homophobic slurs and after the live eviction show on Thursday night things got even worse in the Big Brother 2013 house! The Live Feeds are an amazing thing, as they are uncensored and you would see things CBS will never show us! Check out some of the stupid drama going on in the last couple days in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers videos below!

Big Brother 15 Cast

These actions from Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman on Big Brother 2013 just show us how much class these women do not have. It is 2013 and to see people talking like this is sickening. Should CBS kick them off? Hell no! This is a reality show and this is reality. Like it or not, there are many people who think and say things way worse than what has come out of their mouths this season. It has people talking about a subject that people thought was not an issue any more. This is proof that it is still an issue:

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Then to make it even better, Amanda Zuckerman had previously talked to Aaryn and told her to calm down the racial comments and people in the house were taking it the wrong way. Well, Aaryn thinks she has done no wrong (she even went so far as today talking about the modeling agency that represents her is working on her online image, but little does she know that they fired her for her comments on Big Brother 2013)! Here is Amanda getting into it with Aaryn:

Again, what is being said in the Big Brother 15 house is not cool and not necessary, but it is real and people do think this way still in 2013. Let Aaryn and GinaMarie stay in the house because the real world is going to slap them in the face big time when they leave and both have no jobs to go back to!

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