We should be in for an amazing episode of Big Brother 2013 tonight and not for any of the reasons we would normally expect on Big Brother 15. With the blindside vote on the live eviction show on CBS Thursday night, the aftermath of that vote was something bizarre and disgusting! We had tears, drama, more tears, more drama, racist fights, even more tears and celebrations from other HouseGuests after a well-planned out attack on Nick. Now we get to find out what Helen does as the new Head of Household for Week 3 on Big Brother 15! Watch with us during our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap and see who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother 2013 tonight!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Episode 8

Last time on Big Brother 2013, we saw the amazing blindside vote on Nick, which sent GinaMarie into a spiral, loony bin patient tantrum and it continued throughout the whole weekend! She does realize that she knew this guy for like a week or two and never even got a kiss from him, right?

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In a very tense competition, we saw Helen beat out the other HouseGuests and win HoH for Week 3! It was celebration time as the episode came to an end, but will those celebrations continue or will the cat claws come out between some of the women in the house? I am going with the latter, so watch with us during our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap or who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother 2013 tonight by the HoH? Then don’t read ahead!


The show will start at 8:19pm EST due to golf running over today….stay tuned!

Here we go…CBS warns us that the statements made by the HouseGuests are not the thoughts of CBS and it may show prejudices! It will be shown big time!!!

We start with GinaMarie crying…get used to it! Aaryn is pissed because she was lied to…what a shocker! Kaitlin calls out Jessie for voting for Nick and then GinaMarie goes NUTS! She is yelling and talking smack and looks like an idiot. She is from New York, yous!

The Moving Company is dead and Spencer is not sure where to vote next week, but is he safe with Helen? He is with Howard, who vote for Elissa anyway to keep the mystery going.

Helen now wins HoH, so GinaMarie saying it is on was a lie. Jeremy said it is a miserable moment in the house for the Cherokee Wonder and he will hold his chin high because it is too pretty to hold low. WHAT?!?!

Elissa, Candice, Amanda and Helen are celebrating, but Jeremy comes in and says as a Big Brother fan he gives them kudos for a good game and surprised they are still there. He has never even watched the show before!

Kaitlin and Aaryn talk and they are in the minority. GinaMarie comes in and she has Nick’s hat and shorts and she is a mess. How sad will she be when she watches back and sees how pathetic she is looking?

Now the drama begins on Big Brother 2013 and Jessie gets into it with Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin and them wanting to steal her bed away. Judd comes in and saves the day, but they give her crap about it. Then Aaryn flips the bed, which is Candice’s bed and Jeremy and Kaitlin sit and laugh. How mature, huh?

Later on, Jessie is back in her bed and Kaitlin comes in to lay in her bed and she wants her out. Candice comes in and sees her bed is flipped and asked who did it. Aaryn comes back and hell breaks loose! The racism is working overload and it is insane how these girls think they are doing nothing wrong! Howard comes in and carries Candice away and they have a heart-to-heart and you can tell how hard it is on them, but it is a game and they are going to play a game.

Now the shit hits the fan when Amanda comes in and calls out all the girls and it is insane! I love Amanda and she doesn’t take crap for anyone. Aaryn literally says that she is not racist and has said nothing racist. Who thinks that way? What world is she living in?

Candice is comforted by Elissa and Helen and Andy and tell them they will get the bullies out and she is winning. I feel so bad for her now. Anyone else?

Now McCrae comes out and tells Amanda about the Moving Company and she still trusts him and calls herself an idiot for letting that one slide by her.

GinaMarie continues to cry and Candice consoles her….what??? Aaryn is there too and apologizes to Candice for her comments, but Candice knows it is fake and accepts but thinks the apology is dirt!

Have-Nots Competition: despite Howard trying to throw it (he was on a team with Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin), they come in second and the Have-Nots are Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Jessie and Judd is pissed because he wants beer!

Jeremy now talks with Helen and admits about the all-guy alliance and he agrees to work with Helen. She thinks maybe she can use Jeremy…no Helen!!!

Helen is now working on the nominees and she wants to know how Howard voted and is she being a bully now and is power gone to her head as HoH? He admits to Helen that he voted for Elissa and she starts crying…we see a lot of tears from Helen this week also! He said he will never lie to her again and she asks about the all-guy alliance and if there was one and he said no, so he lied again! Shame, shame Howard!!!

Nomination Ceremony: Helen is safe as HoH and it goes Elissa, Andy, Candice, McCrae, Amanda, GinaMarie, Judd, Jessie, Howard, Spencer and Jeremy! That means that Aaryn and Kaitlin are on the block for Week 3 and can we get some hate out this week, finally?!?!?

So, what do you think of Helen’s picks for nominees on Big Brother 2013 tonight?

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