Another week has passed us by in the Big Brother 15 house and it is time to see another HouseGuest evicted tonight on Big Brother 2013. The three nominees this week are Elissa, Helen and Nick, which we found out last night on Big Brother 2013. It seems like two of them will be battling it out tonight, so come watch with us during our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap and see who went home on Big Brother 2013 tonight with us!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 2 Eviction

Last night on Big Brother 2013, we saw everything play out during Week 2 and see that Jeremy was put up as the MVP nominee, but then he won the Power of Veto Competition and took himself off the block. The renom from the MVP was Nick and now it was time for both Elissa and Nick to work both sides of the house to stay in the game! Who would win out?

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With big shifts in the house the past 24 hours and the players scrambling every which way, we somehow made our predictions earlier. You can check them out while we wait for the Live Recap to start soon! Who do you think is going home tonight? Watch with us in the recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap or who went home on Big Brother 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we get caught up on things before things start up tonight! This is going to be good!

Jeremy and Nick feel confident that Elissa is going home, but Helen is on a mission to get Nick out the door.

Candice wants the guys out because the girls always screw each other over and they must work together now.

It is all just game play and trying to get either Nick or Elissa out. Jessie joins forces with Helen, but is it true or not? The Moving Company wants Elissa out and want McCrae to watch Amanda, but then he has Amanda telling him to vote out Nick because he can’t be trusted. Which way will he go?

Julie now talks with the houseguests and she asks Jeremy about being confident when he was put on the block and he is confident and competitive (and an ass). She then asks Jessie about showmances and Amanda about when they forget the cameras are on them. She then asks Aaryn and she said she is very open and everyone knows her and Julie said yes we do!!!

We know take a look at more of the racism and comments coming from some of the houseguests and the other houseguests notice it and it is starting to bother a lot of them. You can tell that Howard is fuming over this topic, but it is a game and he is keeping quiet.

Now Amanda talks to Aaryn about the issues and Aaryn said it is the most obnoxious thing she has heard and she is not going to acknowledge it. It is immature that they care that much and they call her Barbie all the time and how is that different? She is not sorry about it and Julie looks pissed!!!

It is now time for the live vote on Big Brother 2013 and the nominees get one brief statement. Elissa said she is a target, but Nick is a bigger target. Do they want a threat out of the house or Rachel’s sister out of the house. Nick gives a weird speech and props to people and it is awkward. Is anyone really listening to Helen? Time for the vote:

  • Jeremy votes Elissa
  • Kaitlin votes Elissa
  • Andy votes Nick
  • GinaMarie votes Elissa
  • Judd votes Nick
  • Spencer votes Nick
  • Jessie votes Nick
  • Howard votes Elissa
  • McCrae votes Nick
  • Amanda votes Nick
  • Candice votes Nick

It is a done deal and the houseguest evicted tonight on Big Brother 2013 is Nick, in a 7-4 vote!!!

Julie reveals the results and Nick is shocked. GinaMarie is a hot mess and Jeremy and Kaitlin look pissed. The shift has happened folks and this was awesome on Big Brother 2013 tonight!!!

Julie sits down with Nick and he thinks that Spencer turned on him and he was the only one in the house that he trusted in the house. Nick said everyone trusts Spencer, but not Helen and she is gunning for him next! Julie reveals that Spencer did go against him and McCrae too and he is shocked.

Voting for the next Big Brother MVP is now open. Go here to vote!!!

We now have the HoH Competition and last night they were awaken by Big Brother Express and it was packages to memorize. The buzzers went off all night and now it is time for the competition! Aaryn is not eligible to compete (thankfully)!

The competition is called “Overnight Delivery” and Julie will ask questions about the deliveries last night. They are true and false. Get it right and stay in the game. Get it wrong and out of the competition. The last person standing is the Head of Household for Week 3!

First question and Jeremy and Judd are out!!! Not happy on Judd, but yes on Jeremy. Question 2 takes out a bunch and we have Helen, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie and McCrae. Candice is out question 3. Everyone is correct on question 4, 5 and 6. It is now the tiebreaker question. The answer is a number and the person closest without going over is the winner, if everyone goes over then the person closest wins.

They all get it right, but McCrae and he is out. Another question and it is focused on Jeremy and how long he took in the PoV competition and I thought Kaitlin would get it, but Helen is closest and she wins HoH for Week 3. I have chills for how excited she is and Aaryn is definitely going on the block. Love it!!!

What do you think everyone?

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