It was just one week ago today that we saw the Big Brother 2013 premiere, even though this new cast seems like it has been together for weeks with all the drama they have been causing. Tonight if the first live show on Big Brother 15 and Big Brother host Julie Chen is back to see who got evicted on Big Brother 2013 tonight. The nominees are Elissa, Jessie and David and the tension is building in the Big Brother 2013 house. Watch it all go down with us tonight during our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap and see who went home on Big Brother 2013 tonight with us!

Big Brother 2013 Cast

Last night on Big Brother 15, we found out that Elissa won Big Brother MVP for Week 1 and she put up David as the third nominee for Week 1, much to the dismay of both David and Aaryn. At the Power of Veto Competition, McCrae was crowned the winner, even though he was trying to throw it. Then at the Power of Veto Ceremony he used the Veto and replaced Candice with Elissa to have our final three nominees for Week 1.

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Tonight on Big Brother 2013 we get to see the houseguests vote and find out who the first person eliminated on Big Brother is. While we wait for the show to start, head over and check out my predictions and see who we think it will be. Our Live Recap starts soon!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap or who went home on Big Brother 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we start back at the end of the Veto meeting from last night. McCrae is trying to work both sides of the house, but is his alliance pissed?

Elissa tells Andy and Amanda that she is Rachel’s sister and they feel glad she told them and she might be human. Showmance Alert: Jeremy and Kaitlin and I don’t like either of them.

Have-Nots can drink at midnight and everyone decides to wait for midnight to drink. Apparently Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin and David can’t wait and sneak a bottle of wine into the room and start drinking. Midnight strikes and Helen and Elissa want the red wine, which the other snuck into their room and drank. Aaryn thinks they are two-faced, but she denies it to them. Talk about two-faced, but Jeremy comes up and tells them all that he popped it and drank it all and nobody else did it. Aaryn is right there loving it, but I want to slap her. She said they acted like nothing went on, yet she sat there and acted like she didn’t drink it!

Breakdown Time: Amanda is out defending the Have-Nots  and Helen is having a breakdown because she is supporting them and she is sick of Jeremy acting like a douche! How can Jeremy treat people like that?

Amanda and McCrae hooking up in the HoH room on Big Brother 2013? Yeah, that just happened.

Now to Aaryn and David and everyone loves him, so he is safe and everything is good in Aaryn and David land….I don’t think so!

Amanda and Judd talk with Spencer and they are on board with keeping Elissa around since she will win MVP every week and they can control the third nominee. Is that possible? Now The Moving Company talks and trying to get everyone on board. Why is Jeremy in Moving Company? I like them all but him….can we get rid of Jeremy?

We are live now and Big Brother host Julie Chen is talking to the HGs: Andy said mood is weird in house today and Judd hates the Have-Not Room and Helen thinks the MVP twist is bigger than she initially thought!

The nominees get one brief statement to save themselves and now the vote:

  • Amanda votes David
  • Aaryn votes Elissa
  • Nick votes David
  • Candice votes Elissa
  • Spencer votes David
  • Kaitlin votes Elissa

Commercial break and no votes for Jessie and tied 3-3 for David and Elissa. Voting again:

  • Helen votes David
  • Howard votes David
  • GinaMarie votes Elissa
  • Judd votes David
  • Jeremy votes Elissa
  • Andy votes David

That means that David is eliminated and Jeremy went against the Moving Company Alliance! Get rid of him now!!!

Julie Chen talks with David and he said he is likable and that may be why is was evicted. He is smart too….really? He didn’t spell a word in the Veto Competition!!!

Voting for Big Brother MVP for Week 2 is now open and can be done here!!!

Now time for the Head of Household Competition for the new week! McCrae can’t compete. For the competition, they are partnered up and the first person must fill their cup and then run down and fill their partners cup and they go fill up a bucket. They have two choices to fill the bucket. A smaller one and once filled they can get bigger cups to work on the bigger bucket.

The teams are going strong and most are choosing the larger bucket on Big Brother 2013. Which one would you choose? And is anyone else rooting for Team Andy and Elissa?

The winner is not announced tonight, as we end with the teams still filling their buckets. The winning team will be announced on Sunday. The two on the winning team must choose who will be HoH this week! How crazy!!! Who are you rooting for??? I guess we will find out Sunday night!

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