CBS three a twist at the HouseGuests on Big Brother 2013 at the beginning of the season and told them there would be a Big Brother MVP every week that would be voted on by America and that MVP would put up a third nominee! After Elissa won the first three weeks, they decided to switch things up and put America as MVP and we get to nominate the third nominee on the block on Big Brother 15! Tonight on Big Brother 2013, we get to see who America nominated and the final three nominees for Week 5. Watch it with us during our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap tonight!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Amanda and Spencer

Last time on Big Brother 2013, we saw Aaryn take over as Head of Household for the second time this season. She did as Helen and Amanda told her and put Howard and Spencer up as her two nominees. She was and has been gunning for Elissa, but she followed the plan she made with Helen and nominated as Helen told her to do.

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Tonight we get America’s nominee on Big Brother 15 and then the Power of Veto Competition will be held and then the winner announces what they will do during the Power of Veto Ceremony. That will leave us with the final three nominees and let the drama begin! Our Live Recap starts soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap or who America voted as the third nominee on Big Brother 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…Helen celebrates Howard being on the block and Amanda is going crazy as well. She has been trying for weeks and we all know that. Jessie cries because Howard deserves the money the most. McCrae said that Howard is the target and Spencer doesn’t need to worry.

Howard calls for a house meeting and proceeds to babble on and on and no one knows what he is talking about. He feels mission accomplished, but they all are worried he was looking at him. How do Amanda and McCrae always end up in the HoH bed???

Amanda and McCrae have moved out to the hammock and he is feeling comfortable in the game. Elissa comes up and she thinks Andy got MVP, but we all know that is not true.

Before picking players for the Power of Veto Competition, let’s see who America nominated for their nominee and it is Amanda!!! Helen said it was a bad move because she is not going home, but Howard is excited to have a bigger target up there!

The players for the Veto are Aaryn, Spencer, Howard, Amanda, Candice and Jessie. Helen will be the host and she is overly excited to be the host. Anyone else annoyed by her???

Now the speculation begins on Big Brother 2013 about who the MVP and McCrae would bet his life that it was Howard. The others think it was Howard and not America, but Amanda is not sure and talks to Howard and he said he doesn’t have it. She hates that she can’t manipulate him and that is why she wants him gone.

Power of Veto Competition: Helen is dressed as a mad scientist. The first ever veto has been destroyed and they will have to go back in time and put it back together. They go in a time machine and they walk out and they go back to Jurassic Park. They have to go around and find their pieces and create a puzzle of the veto stone.

The players rush out and grab their pieces and start working on the puzzles. They all struggled big time, but Amanda finally kicks it in and Spencer ain’t having that, so he kicks it in even more and takes down Amanda and wins Veto! That means he will remove himself from the block and Aaryn will have to put up a new player, but who???

Candice feels Howard and Spencer are not fighting to stay there, so she goes and talks to Helen to keep Howard in Big Brother 2013. She felt that Helen had an alliance with Candice and Amanda is in the house. Candice is not taking crap right now and calling Helen out on her stuff. Helen said that Aaryn came to her with the deal and she is not in control, but Candice said she is an ally and coming to her with a deal.

Helen then runs to the HoH room and makes up lies about Candice and she is threatening her and everyone if they vote out Howard. Everyone thinks Candice is dumb, but you are all dumb for sitting there and believing anything that Helen tells you. How did I ever like Helen on Big Brother 2013?

We have arrived at the Power of Veto Ceremony on Big Brother 2013. Spencer clearly takes himself off the block and Aaryn puts Candice up as the renom. Our final three nominees for Week 5 are Howard, Amanda and Candice. Who do you want them to evict tomorrow night?

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