The time has come on Big Brother 2013 and we will see one more HouseGuest go home this week on Big Brother 15. It is a special week, as one of the Mean Girls (Aaryn Gries, GinaMarie Zimmerman and Kaitlin Barnaby) will be evicted tonight on Big Brother 2013! Who will it be? Find out during our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap for the Week 4 live eviction show and see who got eliminated on Big Brother 2013 tonight with us!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Mean Girls Alliance

We saw who the final three nominees were last night on Big Brother 15, as the Big Brother MVP twist this week has all the HouseGuests up in a roar. With America as MVP, they put Elissa up as the third nominee. How could she go from MVP every week to now being the nominee by America? The HGs were all confused and it continued after the show as well, as seen in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers from this week!

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It appears that all the HGs are leaning to vote for one certain person, but you never know what will happen because this is Big Brother 2013. We made our predictions earlier today, so check them out and then come back for our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Live Recap or who went home on Big Brother 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…one thing is certain tonight: a girl is going home for the first time this season on Big Brother 2013!

The HGs are scrambling and it appears that they want to go after Kaitlin because she is the bigger threat. Aaryn is working and campaigning and tells Helen that she will not vote them out and throw the HoH competition if they save her. Judd throws out the GinaMarie, Spencer, Howard, Kaitlin and his alliance and that is out the door. A blindside to Kaitlin then?

Now Helen talks with Amanda and Elissa and tells them about the alliance and that Howard is working with Kaitlin, which just riles Amanda even more to get Howard out on Big Brother 2013. Elissa then confronts Kaitlin about working with Howard, but she denies it and Aaryn overhears it! Aaryn then tells Helen and she is pissed because she has worked to keep her in the house and now she is creating drama!

Helen then confronts Elissa and she denies it, but Aaryn said to ask Kaitlin. This is all blowing up against Elissa and she wants Aaryn out, but play the game girl. It is a house meeting and the drama unfolds, but I have to say that Aaryn is right on this one. I hate to say that, but am I wrong?

They now talk to the HouseGuests on Big Brother 2013 and Julie Chen asks Judd about his grizzly bear shirt and maybe she will wear it next week! Then it is a look back at the froyo challenege and GinaMarie sucking that shit down! They all get a laugh out of it!

The vote is about to happen, but they get one chance to sway their votes. Aaryn said she learned lots from them, Kaitlin said she respects them and GM has a big heart and a bad accent and she misses Nick. Here is the vote on Big Brother 2013 tonight:

  • Amanda votes Kaitlin
  • McCrae votes Kaitlin
  • Helen votes Kaitlin
  • Candice votes Kaitlin
  • Elissa votes Kaitlin (she sadly, sadly, sadly votes that way)
  • Spencer votes Kaitlin
  • Howard votes Kaitlin
  • Andy votes Kaitlin
  • Jessie votes Kaitlin

Most of them seemed sad to do it, but the votes are unanimous and Kaitlin is evicted on Big Brother 2013! Time to share the news with the HouseGuests and by a vote of 9-0, Kaitlin is evicted from the Big Brother 2013 house and she hugs only GinaMarie.

She tells Julie that people lied to her face and she didn’t want to talk to any of them. I feel she was the nicest of the mean girls and just got caught up in the wrong group. She only hugged GM as she bolted out of the house. She said she was lied to and had nothing to say. She is hurt most by Andy. Julie tells her that they were called the Mean Girls and she didn’t know. Julie questions her actions and following along, but she said that got aligned with the wrong side of the house and they are some catty girls. She said that right! She doesn’t seem so happy to be with Jeremy though. She said they are all really good people, but this game turns people into bad eggs!

Again, you (America) are the Big Brother MVP and get to vote for the third nominee for Week 5. Remember, you are voting for the person you want as the third nominee on the block and not who you want as MVP. Aaryn did get the most votes last week, but she was also put on the block. Keep that in mind with who wins HoH tonight and you can vote here!!!

Time for Week 5 HoH Competition: the game is called “Roulette Me Win” and they will roll a dice down the slot and they get the number where their ball lands. The person with the highest number is HoH for Week 5 and if their ball lands in a non-numbered spot then they get zero points.

Andy gets 23. McCrae gets 28. GinaMarie gets 3. Candice gets 27. Spencer gets 34 and he is the new leader. Aaryn gets 36 and that is the highest possible. Howard gets 17. Jessie gets 2. Helen gets 28. Amanda gets 1. Elissa gets 0.

That means that the new Head of Household for Week 5 is Aaryn. Wasn’t she supposed to throw this competition, according to her plan with Helen and Elissa??? That didn’t work out too well!!!

Big Brother fan favorite Jeff Schroeder sits down with Julie Chen and they talk about Aaryn and if she will stick to her plan with Helen to do as she says and he thinks that she won’t. He babbles on and we just want to talk about Big Brother 15, right? he thinks McCrae might have what it takes to win. Is he right?

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