It was a close call, but Goldberg survived and Cyndi Lauper was ousted on the latest episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice”! After a vicious boardroom session where the ladies ripped themselves to shreds, Trump actually told Cyndi, she was by far the worst Project Manager ever and added, he didn’t know what was thinking having her on the show to begin with..Cyndi left in tears after hearing the harsh words, “You’re FIRED!”..

Ok, so that’s not how it went down at was my little fantasy ending to get rid of Cyndi, who’s quickly becoming the show’s “thorn in the side”! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one pulling for the guys! I would have loved to see that volcano erupt with the girls in the boardroom, where Cyndi would have surely been

I gotta tell ya right off the bat..this was a torture session of an episode for me, based on the country artist theme! That aside, this task was right up my alley! I think Bret was the man for the job, and probably should have been PM, but I can understand wanting to give Goldberg a chance at some charity loot! I was happy to hear Sharon say the guy’s press kit was better, and even happier to see her return, cuz to tell ya the truth, had she not returned tonight, I would have been calling for her to leave the show, rather than waiting to be let go..

I think this is a task the guys lost unfairly..I think that’s because team Tenacity had the better artist! I think the 3 judge panel picked who they liked better, and it really had nothing to do with Rock Solid’s performance on the task! Everyone agreed that Bret did a great job, and once again my man escaped the bullets that seems to fly his way every week! So why did they lose??

How about this? Their artist Luke? SUCKED!! LOL…did you see the tears in the crowd when Emily sang? Luke’s song was so typically country, I think the biggest country fans would agree that his type of song has been done soooo many times! Plus the guy was a total pain! He didn’t seem open to anything! He couldn’t have acted less interested in his interview, which I think he clearly blew! They finally got him to loosen up with the wardrobe, but a few snazzy outfits can’t cover up that same ole country! To me it couldn’t get any more boring as far as music…

I’m not saying Emily is a superior artist or anything, but her song was better than Luke’s that night and THAT’S why the guys lost! This wasn’t a task where you could point to something specific the guys did wrong, it was a choice in artists..

BTW, Shutup Trace! Talkin about how Bret should be fired? Goldberg was PM..Goldberg let the girls pick who they wanted..Goldberg didn’t stand behind what he said ten minutes before…Goldberg was fired!!

I absolutely LOVE seeing the teams getting switched up next week! With Bret and Sharon on the same side, I think you know which side I’ll be rooting for!!