We get to see Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe start their journey on The Bachelorette 2015 tonight, as The Bachelorette Season 11 premiere kicks off and both women will take their spot outside the mansion waiting for the limos to arrive! The nerves are going to be working overtime tonight, as the men on The Bachelorette 2015 will be meeting both women at the same time. So, which guy is going to get wasted tonight and make a fool of himself, but will still get a rose? Find out during our Bachelorette 2015 Spoilers Recap for tonight’s Season 11 premiere!

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The Bachelorette 2015 Spoilers - Premiere Recap

Tonight will be all about the limo arrivals and getting a chance to see all of the men arrive before they make the big vote that sends either Kaitlyn or Britt home! These limo arrivals are always awkward, as people are nervous and yet they want to make a good first impression, so they do wild and stupid things. Now imagine doing that with two Bachelorettes waiting for you! No big happenings will take place tonight, as Chris Harrison will tell the men to vote and then it takes place, but the results won’t be delivered until tomorrow night. Can you feel the tension???

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelorette 2015 Premiere, so follow along with our recap below!


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Here we go…we start with Chris Harrison saying how this show is amazing and everyone is talking about it, yet again. The feelings were so split on these women, so the men get to decide. We then look back at Kaitlyn and Britt’s journey on The Bachelor 2015. How did Britt get brought back??? The limos drive side-by-side on their way to the mansion.

While the women make their way in the limos, we now take a look at some of the guys:

  • Jonathan – He is sexy and he is a father, as we see him with his five-year-old son. He said he would like Britt as The Bachelorette 2015.
  • Joe – He considers himself a Southern gentleman and he wants Kaitlyn.
  • Josh – He recently graduated law school and studying for the bar exam, but is a male dancer for now.
  • Brady – He apparently thinks he can sing, but I am not impressed. He would pick Britt.
  • Joshua – He lives in a small town, so the next Chris Soules? He said he has never been in love, but he would pick Kaitlyn.
  • Ian – He ran track in college. He was in a car accident and left for dead, but he is back and ready to find love and would pick Kaitlyn.
  • Jared – He feels he is single because he knows what he wants and is looking for the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He is Love Man and this is beyond cheesy.
  • Tony – He is a healer and loves meditation and wants to get away from the world and he has always been sensitive and anti-social, as he talks and kisses his plants!
  • Ben Z. – The sob story, as he talks about his mom, who died when he was 14 years old.

The women arrive and chat with Chris Harrison. Kaitlyn is nervous and Britt said she is excited.I just want to slap Britt and she seems SO fake! Now it is time for the limos! Here are some highlights:

  • Ben H. – He is the first one out and he goes to Kaitlyn first. He said he lost his words around Britt.
  • Jonathan – He goes to Britt first. Britt said there is a twinkle in his eye.
  • Clint – Britt first. She said he has such a nice smile. Kaitlyn said this is awkward!
  • Ryan B. – Britt first and he calls her the Disney Princess.
  • Jared – Britt is getting all the love right now, as he goes to her first also.
  • Kupah – He feels Britt didn’t get a fair chance.
  • Brady – He said that Britt is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too.
  • Ian – He whispers in Kaitlyn’s ear that he is there for her and he is going to make sure it is her! This helps boost her self-easteem.
  • JJ – He brings a hockey puck and said he wants to puck her, like she wanted to plow Chris’ field on The Bachelor 2015!
  • Ryan – He said he came here for Kaitlyn.
  • Daniel – He is doing some dancing.
  • Josh – Speaking of dancing, he comes out showing off his stripper moves! Kaitlyn said Britt can have this one.
  • Joe – He brings some Moonshine for Kaitlyn.
  • Tanner – He brings Britt some Kleenex for her tears.
  • Shawn B. – He is sexy and has them come in for a group hug.Britt said he made her feel something and wants to check that out. He then tells Kaitlyn that she is the reason why he is there! Kaitlyn said that he gives her the feeling she was looking for tonight.

As they wait for the next limo, Kaitlyn doesn’t want to be standing there with Britt, so she goes inside and says hi to the guys and said they are killing it. Britt is upset and thinks it is cheating, but you take the moments when you can girl! Back to the limos:

  • Tony – He said the same thing to both girls! And does he have a black and blue eye???
  • Shawn E. – He shows up in a hot tub car! Ryan M. comes out and said the car sucks and Shawn sucks! The ladies are not impressed.
  • Chris – Now he shows up in a cupcake car! He may be a dentist, but he wanted to do something sweet with them.

The fun begins in the mansion, as Ryan M. is being the drunk guy right now! All the men have arrived and time for the women to head inside! Kaitlyn makes a joke for her speech and Britt says some lame speech and she is so fake.

COCKTAIL PARTY – Kaitlyn said if they decide to pick Britt, then she is going to start handing out her number for some of them to call her. This whole night is going to be about Britt or Kaitlyn and them wondering about the other. Shawn B. said he is Team Kaitlyn and believes in love at first sight and thinks it happened. Tony said he came for Kaitlyn, but he would choose Britt.

Chris comes in and interrupts them and puts damper on the party. He said the voting room is now open and they can go in and vote for the woman they want as The Bachelorette Season 11. Tony goes right in and the energy from Britt’s box was the confirmation he needed to vote for her. However, the men have more time and this announcement changes the whole mood of the party!

We normally see the men trying to get time with the woman, but now the women are trying to get time with men to make sure they meet everyone and win them over for their vote. JJ came for Kaitlyn, but he seems to be falling for Britt big time tonight.

Ryan M. is getting more and more drunk and Shawn E. confronts him about interrupting him when he pulled up in his hot tub car. Ryan has no clue that it happened and makes a fool out of himself. Ryan M. then pulls Britt outside and chats, so JJ tries to save her and Ryan M. gets pissed. In the mansion, Ryan M. calls them hoes and then grabs Kaitlyn’s butt! He then strips to his underwear and goes in the pool. He is tripping everywhere and goes back in the house and is knocking everything down. Chris Harrison calls him outside and sends him home, so our first casualty of the season and it wasn’t even one of the girls sending him home!

The night is starting to wind down and more and more men are casting their votes. The men do seem torn and they all have their favorites, but that is what ABC wants us to think! Kaitlyn talks with Shawn B. and she is in love! He brings out a picture that his nephew drew for her, which is adorable. Can I marry Shawn??? At the same time, Britt is connecting to Brady and wants to stay to know him.

Here comes Chris Harrison and all the votes are in!!! He goes in to tally the votes and lots of filler, but ABC is not going to tell us tonight! Chris has the results, but we will find them out tomorrow night!!!

Who do you think the men picked as The Bachelorette Season 11?


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