The pressure is on tonight on The Bachelorette 2014 for both Andi Dorfman and the final four men on The Bachelorette Season 10, as we have the Hometown Dates tonight and meeting those family and friends! The night starts with four guys, but it will end with three guys making it to the Fantasy Suite Dates on The Bachelorette Season 10? And of course, we see the drama unfold when they are told about the death of Eric Hill. Watch it with us tonight during our Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers Recap and see who went home on The Bachelorette 2014 tonight!


Last week on The Bachelorette Season 10, we saw some major drama between Nick Viall and the other men. The only person on the show that seems to enjoy Nick (besides himself) is Andi. The other guys do not enjoy him and are sick of his attitude and his cockiness. I am too, but maybe it is a bad edit because Andi seems to be impressed by him. He won her over in Brussels and got the only date rose available during Week 7. At the Rose Ceremony, we saw Andi send home Brian and Dylan and the final four guys remained!

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelorette 2014, so follow along with our recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers Recap or find out who was eliminated on The Bachelorette Season 10 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…

NICK: Is this a sign? The first Hometown Date goes to Nick, as Andi heads to Milwaukee. They meet at the market, which Nick said is one of his favorite places in the city. They head to the brewery and do some polka dancing, which we all know how terrible of a dancer Andi is! She is seeing a more fun side of Nick and she likes it.

They now head out to meet his family, which consists of ten brothers and sisters and their spouses! It can be a very overwhelming situation, as they are all asking her questions and want some alone time with her. Nick talks with his sister and said he is in love with Andi, but she is concerned about it all. She then sits down with Andi and she knows that Nick’s heart is more open where Andi is concerned and he is vulnerable, which is a good and bad thing. She thinks they both care about each other. Andi then sits down with his younger sister, who had some tough questions for her. She thinks Andi is good for Nick.

Nick sits down with his Mom to talk. They both shed some tears and it shows a softer side of Nick. She senses a connection between the two of them. The parents give their blessing, which Andi is happy about. He wants to say he loves her, but he says goodbye without saying it.

CHRIS: His hometown has a population of 798 people! She is excited to be there, but not sure about living there. She sees him and thinks he looks hot in that cowboy gear! He owns his own house, which is acres and acres of farmland in the backyard. They head to the backyard and drive the tractor! They ride out to the field and have a little picnic and talk about his family on The Bachelorette 2014. They talk about her living in Iowa and what she would do there. He said she could be a housewife, but also opportunities for law somehow. She pretends she is not a city girl, but I don’t believe it. Then the plane flies over and it carries a sign saying “Chris Loves Andi!” and she loves it!

Time for her to meet his family and his sisters. They joke around and share some laughs, which is cool to see. She talks with his sisters and you can see how much they love him and want the best for him, which Andi says she can see them as her sisters. He talks with his Mom and I love her! She talks with his Mom and she said they’d have beautiful babies, which Andi wants. They end the night with a family tradition of a hide and seek type game and Andi feels like she is part of the family and she is on cloud nine. I just think he is a great guy and loved his family, but I don’t see the two of them together. Anyone else?

JOSH: We now head to Tampa, Florida, for his hometown on The Bachelorette Season 10. She has strong feelings for Josh, but those strong feelings scare her too. They head to the baseball diamond and play some baseball. She thinks he looks hot being all sweaty and he has a nice butt in those shorts, huh? His brother is a great college football player and trying to make it into the NFL and get drafted, so it is a crucial time in the life of the family. She is worried that the night will be all about his brother and getting ready for the draft, but she wants them to be excited for Josh too.

Alright, so I just fell in love with Josh! We see them meet his family and he breaks down in tears being there and seeing them. He then sees his dog, which was adorable to see. I got some tears in my eye and it makes him human and such a nice guy. Andi totally blends in. Andi sits down with his Mom and she knows that Josh is in love and sincere. She said that Josh will probably want to go on the weekends and watch his brother’s games. The big thing with this family is them all being together for the games and every event, but Andi wants to start her own family. His sister said that is something they will have to work on and compromise on things and they’ll probably fight about it! Josh tells his Mom that he is falling in love and she is a real woman. No lie, but I can see Andi with this family and she fits well.

MARCUS: Time for the last stop of the journey, as Andi heads to Dallas. Marcus said he was ready to get down on one knee a week ago! He takes her around town and shows a normal day in his life. He said he is in love, so she said today is figuring out if she can get on the same page as him. They head to the club and he reenacts the stripping date and his body and booty is so, so nice! Like us, Andi is all hot and bothered! She is the first girl that will meet his family, since he does not bring anyone home that he cannot see himself with forever.

Time for Andi to meet his family. She talks with his sister and she said he is the caregiver. Andi said she is worried he can fall that fast and she wonders if she can catch up to that. He talks with his brother and said he is in love and hopes she feels the same way. His brother said if he is happy, that is all that matters to them. More tears from me, as he shares a special moment with his brother and him being a father figure when their Dad left. His mother is surprised with how open he is with everything. Andi thinks it is a great family. He tells his Mom he is confident and happy when with Andi and she gives her blessing. I just look at Andi and she doesn’t seem to be in the moment with Marcus.

Time for the sad and emotional news, as Chris Harrison sits down with the four guys as they wait for Andi to arrive. They all look nervous and not sure of what is going on. He tells them that Eric Hill passed away and tears are shed. Is this eve necessary to be showing this? Andi says his poor family, but his poor family for having to see this brought up once again! We see production come out and give hugs and Andi can’t believe her last conversation with him. Thoughts on this whole scene?

Andi sits down with Chris Harrison the next day and the emotions are still running high and how can she think of happiness when this bad news is there. He says it is an emotional night and it is okay to show emotion tonight, which he knows would be good for the cameras!

ROSE CEREMONY: She gets through her speech and it is time to hand out the roses and she steps away! She is a hot crying mess. Do you think she is more sad for missing him or sad for how she sent him home on The Bachelorette 2014? She comes back and time to get the fun started! The roses tonight go to:

  • Josh
  • Chris
  • Nick

That means that Marcus is sent home and we have our final three guys for the Fantasy Suite Dates next week!

What do you think of the results on The Bachelorette 2014 tonight?

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