We have all waited weeks and seen many tears and many eliminations (some before the Rose Ceremony even occurred), but we finally have determined who won The Bachelorette 2014 and now it is time for the After The Final Rose special for The Bachelorette Season 10. It is time to see The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman sit down (again) with Bachelorette host Chris Harrison and talk in front of the live audience about her journey this season and her final pick! Both men (Josh Murray and Nick Viall) will be in attendance, so don’t miss a thing during our Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers Live Recap for the After The Final Rose on The Bachelorette 2014!


In case you want the full details of everything that happened tonight on The Bachelorette 2014 finale, then click here for our Live Recap! Otherwise, let’s talk about the finale and what we can expect on the special tonight below!


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With all the drama from the finale on The Bachelorette 2013, this After The Final Rose special is going to answer so many of our questions. This will be the first time that the new, happy couple can make their first appearance together. And will it be a lot less controversial than Juan Pablo’s special and no proposal? Will we find out who the next Bachelor will be as well?

We just saw Andi pick Josh as the winner and he proposed and she said yes!!!

Now we see Nick and how hard he had getting over Andi. Now we see why the camera crews were with Nick in Milwaukee! He said he is not over her and she gave him purpose. He is not giving up on this and even came to The Men Tell All! He wants to talk to her and doesn’t think Josh is right for her and he is the safe bet. Chris goes to talk to Andi and tell her that Nick is here and she said she is not ready yet to see him face-to-face, so Nick gives her a letter to give to her (there is that letter)!!! He thinks there could be more between them, so how crazy is he???

Nick is in attendance and chats with Chris first. He said it has been tough and he thought there was something more there and they had a strong connection. He has tried twice to talk to her, but been denied. Do you think it is sweet that he is trying or a little creepy? Chris said that it seems like he has a lot of questions, but definitely needs closure.

MOST BLEACHABLE MOMENT: The guys talking about Nick and hating on him and then he comes into the room after his date with Andi and the room goes silent!

Andi has arrived on The Bachelorette 2014 After The Final Rose and time for Nick to say his peace? She said she read his letter. He stumbles over his words and really doesn’t say much. Why stalk her down and want to see her and talk to her, but then say nothing that matters? She said there was nothing wrong that Nick did, but she had a greater love and connection with Josh. We just got the good stuff: he asked why she made love to him then???? She said that was below the belt (duh)! And now the defensive Andi has come out and is tired of trying to be nice to Nick! Chris Harrison said the moment needed to happen (yeah, for the ratings).

Andi is happy now, as Nick is gone and Josh is about to join her! Before that, why don’t we watch another damn preview for Bachelor in Paradise???

I guess we needed to see all that drama more than we needed to see Andi with Josh, huh? Like ten minutes left in the hour and Josh Murray comes out to join Andi. He said they are best friends. He said it feels so good to finally let it out. They live five minutes apart and Chris Harrison said it is fate. He said he loves her Dad and they are golfing next week. They have never had a dinner date together. They have been sneaking back and forth the past couple months in Atlanta wearing wigs and costumes. This could work since they have been able to see each other this whole time, huh?

Time to talk future with Andi and Josh. They are thinking spring wedding, but Andi wants time to plan it. They want to just live in Atlanta and be for a while. No pregnancy, but Josh said he is trying!

Now we get to see Andi and her famous frown that she showcased throughout the season. They bring our Grumpy Cat and this is just silly. She said the frown face is her thinking face. They are just pulling at strings here for air time, huh?

No reveal of The Bachelor 2015, so I am thinking it will be Marquel Martin, but they are waiting for him to finish on Bachelor in Paradise first!

What do you think of The Bachelorette 2014 finale tonight?

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