Jake Pavelka, reality star from “The Bachelor” has denied rumors he tried to get back together with an ex girlfriend the day after he got engaged to Vienna Girardi.

Tanya Douglas, Jake’s ex, has spoken out and claims the recently engaged bachelor came to see her and told her he loved her and wanted to get back together.  A claim which Jake vehemently denies.  “The relationship with [the woman] was prior to The Bachelor, it simply did not work out,” Pavelka told Entertainment Tonight in a Thursday report. 

Jake and Vienna attended an Oscar party over the weekend where Vienna was reportedly in a terrible mood and wouldn’t even speak to well wishers who congratulated the couple on their engagement.  Trouble in paradise or a play for continued media coverage of the couple? 

As Jake gets ready for his new role on “Dancing With the Stars” one can’t help but wonder what Vienna will think while watching her man and the flirtatious Chelsie Hightower dance the night away in front of millions of people.  Vienna strikes me as the very jealous type so could DWTS be the venue of their first big blowup?

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