I managed to sit through the hour and a half premiere of cycle 14 of ANTM.  I used to watch this with my daughter when she was like 10 and after tonight I felt like I was back in 7th grade. 

The cattiness began from the start when the Top 32 arrive in L A and immediately the screaming begins.  The girls look at the wall and there is Tyra with a MYFIERCE page.  (Really??)  Can we get anymore cheesey than that?  Of course we can.  When Tyra walks out in person the girls go to freaking out and one literally falls on the floor.  I mean you would think Tyra was some Greek goddess reincarnated. 

The first hour is the interviews with the girls in front of Tyra, Jay and Ms J.  We learn two of the girls both got pregnant after having sex one time (seriously?).  All the girls have some kind of crazy back story and it gets a little fuzzy after listening for a while.  The top 13 are chosen except we find out from Tyra that she and the J’s didn’t agree so there will only be 12 and they are:

Brenda Arens, Raina Hein, Tatianna Kern, Gabrielle Kniery, Simone Lewis, Jessica Michel, Anslee Payne-Franklin, Naduah Rugley, Alasia Tiggs, Alexandra Underwood, Angelea and Krista.

Angelea is by far the most outspoken of the girls is going to be the one to start the cat fights and crap this season. 

When the girls arrive in NY, Perez Hilton is waiting for them and they all go to a wax museum where Tyra is waiting with a surprise 13th girl.  Her name is Ren Vokes and she is kind of edgy with tattoos.  She seems cool. 

The girls go straight from the museum to Sally Hershberger’s salon and get their makeovers.  This was by far the best part of the episode.  We have two girls breakdown because they are cutting their long hair off and I found it pretty humorous.  I guess I would be upset too because has any previous winners of the show actually hit it big time with modeling?  I can’t think of any.

The girls are starting to look more like models and have the attitudes to go along with them.

Next week the girls have their first photo shoot and they will be nude so let the fights begin!