After some big changes this current season on America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks announced even bigger changes for America’s Next top Model Season 20. For the upcoming Season 20, the show will have male models competing for the first time! This is another big announcement for ANTM 2012 as they try to attempt to lure back some of their viewers.

Tyra Banks told People Magazine she has been wanting males models on America’s Next Top Model: “The male model idea has been around for five years. Everybody says, ‘Tyra, you are the boss’ – but they don’t know that I have a boss. So I’ve had to ask my bosses for five years [to change up the show].”

Even though Tyra has been lobbying for men the past five years, the executives never gave her the go on it…until the special 20th Anniversary Season of America’s Next Top Model. Tyra said, “I think it has something to do with the 20th anniversary [of the show]. I think [the network executives] were ready for a bang and a change.”

Well, this is a huge bang for the show, especially after announcing that Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and Miss J Alexander would not be returning for ANTM Season 19. That was huge and a big bang for the show and now this will be even bigger news for Season 20.

New judge Rob Evans thinks the new battle between men and women will add drama and viewers. Evans told People: “I think it’s cool they switched it to females and males because if it was all males, they aren’t as b–––y as the women. So it wouldn’t be good TV.”

The male and female models will live in the same house on America’s Next Top Model Season 20, which will air Summer 2013. What do you think of this move by ANTM? I love it and think it will add a lot: drama and cute guys to watch on TV!

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