America’s biggest talent show returned last night as the 5th season of “America’s got Talent” officially got under way! I was falling asleep watching most of it thinking, “They better have some better acts than this”!!

Going into last night, I stuck to my previous claim that there should be no solo singers! I just didn’t see the need! A band? fine…a duo? Maybe…but a solo singer? Especially after last season with the whole Kevin Skinner thing? NO WAY! It’s a little too “American Idol” for me..That was until the last act..more on that in sec!

Little side note here…can we PLEASE stop getting the shot of Nick Cannon side stage? It’s beyond Corny..and it’s like every single act!

I think something else should be halted on the show! And that’s these 20 member dance teams! I LOVE to watch good dancing…but there’s already a ton of dance shows! You know? It’s like ..go on “SYTYCD”! Go on “America’s best dance crew” or whatever…I mean seriously, can you really see yourself paying to see a show in Vegas with some of these dancer acts? NO WAY!! And I’m the guy who paid 100 bucks for “Blue Man Group” tix!!

This show almost stuns me more than AI!! I just can’t believe the people that come out in droves, thinking they have talent! Most of them wouldn’t know talent if it came up and bite their nose off! Seriously! I was struggling to get through last night’s episode! From the freaks drilling and sticking things in their faces, to the ridiculous singing of “Dust in the Wind”, or the chainsaw chics, or the terrible bartender deal! Come on already!! LOL…

That Hannibal guy could actually sing, but he’s looks like the devil in my version of hell! I mean damn! I’d probably RUN in the other direction if I seen that dude walking down the street! The old man who danced was cute to see, if that’s Uncle Joe at a family wedding or something…but on AGT? Ummm..that would be a big fat NO! There were a couple decent acts..the painter chic was ok..the french street dancer was pretty cool, but for the most part…this 1st episode wasn’t all that! UNTIL Michael from Mississippi came on…and blew me away! Damn!

I had already prepared this next section in my mind..blasting the “singers” because there’s already such a huge outlet for them! That was until Michael Grimm come on and absolutely KILLED it with “You don’t know me”! I mean WOW, is this guy awesome or what? I don’t even like that song or that style of music in general, but I’m telling you…this kid ROCKS! I’m SOO glad I didn’t turn it off before he sang…cuz I almost did!  Here’s the video in case you missed it.

You won’t hear me rant and rave about many singers/acts on these kinda shows very often..So get ready cuz here it comes! 30 year old Michael Grimm STOLE the show, and has set the bar very high! It’s going to take some major talent to get me to change my mind!

As great as it is to see someone like Michael..with talent oozing out of him, to me it’s sad that this guy, and many more like him AREN’T already signed to major label deals! To me it’s sad, that someone of his caliber has to even have to perform on the same stage as most of these people who THINK they have talent!

It’s SOO not fair! The music industry should be questioning what’s going on in music?! If I’m the head of a major label? I’m calling this kid today and signing him right now! I just can NOT believe that NO ONE noticed this guy before! You KNOW this isn’t his 1st time playing out! You know he’s probably been playing a long time, yet he goes unnoticed..probably has to work a normal’s ridiculous! The best musicians/singers should be in the music business! Just like the best baseball players should play baseball…I think the music industry is about the quick buck these days instead of making money off true talent..Think I’m wrong? Turn on the radio sometime…music these days is in trouble!

Instead of a band getting signed cuz of who they know at the record label, they should break out the good ole “A&R” department and FIND people like Michael Grimm! Am I only the one who wants the best people playing the best music? Just think of all the good songs, the good music in general, that we’ll never hear because so many will never get a real shot!

His performance was flawless! No band backing him up! His guitar playing was dead on…I’m telling you people..this guy is good! I know they’ll be people who disagree..or think it was just so-so…but IMO? He’s the man to beat!

BTW, did you see when he called his grandma? This isn’t some cocky jackass acting like, “I’m the man!” bragging about how good he is! He called just like a normal guy…not knowing how good he REALLY is!

Talent AND a good guy in general? That’s a powerful combo! Too bad no one’s noticed it..til NOW! Kick some ass Michael Grimm! I got ya my man!!

Killer K