After a week of extreme acts on America’s Got Talent 2015, it looks like we have some weird and strange acts on AGT 2015 tonight! Nothing out of the ordinary there, but NBC is hyping up some accident that sends one of the acts to the hospital on America’s Got Talent Season 10? You have to watch the Week 5 auditions on AGT Season 10 tonight with us to find out, so follow along with our America’s Got Talent 2015 Recap that follows!

America's Got Talent 2015 Spoilers - Week 5 Auditions Recap

Last week on America’s Got Talent Season 10, they definitely hyped up the show to be all about the danger and extreme acts. However, the first hour was acts performing inside and featured dance groups and singers. Um, is that extreme???? During the second hour, we finally went outside and we started to see some of the extreme acts. Overall, there were a few good acts on the night, including Damone Rippy and his flyboarding act. Who didn’t want to try that? Overall, the night was a little disappointing to me though.

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All of the hopeful acts will bring their talents to the auditions in hopes of moving on to the next round and getting one step closer to that $1 million prize! Watch it with us in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on AGT 2015 Recap or see the videos of the auditions on America’s Got Talent Season 10 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…the judges make their way to the studio in their old style cars and now it is time to go! We hear about the Golden Buzzer and how Heidi Klum is the only one not to use it yet, so she will be using it tonight, right?

The Gentlemen – They are brothers and they are dancers. They are actually good dancers and beyond adorable! They put out some funky moves and I like that! Mel B said she loved it and they have personality and it comes through in their dancing. Howie said he likes everything and they have smooth moves. Heidi said great job and they dance better than some adults they have on the stage. Howard said he loved it and thinks they are real contenders. They are headed to the next round!

Oz Pearlman – He is a mentalist and mindreader. He said he would like to get inside the judges’ minds tonight. He asks the judges some questions and predicts their answers. It is kind of wild and he has a great personality and made it entertaining to watch. I am definitely a fan and he is going on to the next round!

Brittney Allen – She grew up in a small town with one stop sign. Her father played in a band for 20 years and she wants to do that, but her stage fright has held her back. She gets started and has an amazing voice, but screws up and stops playing! The judges ask her to start over and she has an amazing voice. If she can work past those nerves, she is going to be good! Howie said she is amazingly talented and never give up. Howard said she is very likable and she has talent, but not sure if it is enough to go to the next round. Howard does vote no, but the other judges are a yes and she is moving on!

Byrdie Sue – She does bird whistles, so that’s a talent? Her bird whistles are very good, but I am very annoyed. She brings out some tapping in the middle and this was just silly. Howard said it was entertaining and that is what they are there to find, but thankfully the other judges have their brains working and they all say no!

Semeneya – They are going to be doing a salsa routine with a lot of acrobatics and tricks in there. They get started and are moving fast, but then one of the guys hurts himself and has to step off the stage! He popped his knee completely out and they take him to the hospital to get it checked out. They decide to do a duo and one of the girls sits out and it was awesome! They were high energy and their tricks were awesome. That was so good and they are moving on to the next round!

Arielle Baril – She is 11 years old and a singer. Her brother is the one that got her into singing and has helped train her. I was not expecting this one, as she sings opera and her voice is amazing. It looks so natural for her and almost like she is lip syncing because it is so subtle! Mel B said she was not expecting anything like that and how is that possible? Howard said that was a very special moment and it was freaky, but in a good way. Heidi said she loved it a lot and she hits the Golden Buzzer for her, so she is going straight to the live shows!!!

Grandpa Show – He does stunts and started developing his act a few years ago. His wife hates it and refused to come watch him tonight on AGT 2015! He comes out with a chainsaw and starts it up and walks on his hands over it. Then he puts an apple in his mouth and blindfolds himself and cuts the apple. Howard said he can’t stop laughing and doesn’t know if he saw something stupid or brilliant. Mel B said she did not feel the danger of it. Mel B said no, but the other judges say yes and he is moving on.

Oleksiy Mogylnyy – He has a mannequin as a partner. He has an amazing body and has some killer strength. He uses the mannequin throughout the act, but this is pure strength on his part and he is good. The mannequin is weird, but he is strong. Howard said it was strange, but good. Heidi said it is really, really good and he is an amazing athlete. Mel B said she liked his strength. They felt it was weird, but they liked it and send him to the next round!

Alex Boye – He sings pop music with an African twist. He takes on Taylor Swift and I love it. He has so much energy and they are all having fun up there and that is a way to entertain a crowd! Howie said he can’t shake it off and this is his favorite music act ever. Howard said he could watch them all day. They are moving on to the next round!

Syum & Juggling Taxi – They both drive taxis and juggle, but they are beyond weird. So, Juggling Taxi can’t juggle, so he just starts dancing and balancing his hat on his nose. Syum bounces some balls and it is pretty good. Heidi sums it up perfectly and said it was a hot mess! They are headed home!

The auditions on America’s Got Talent Season 10 are done for tonight! Who was your favorite?

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