Sometimes I think some of the acts are crazy on America’s Got Talent 2015 and I just don’t know why they are put through to the next round. Then there are some acts that are crazy, but in a good way on AGT 2015! Oz Pearlman is definitely one of those crazy good acts on America’s Got Talent Season 10. Check out the Oz Pearlman performance on AGT Season 10 last night below in our America’s Got Talent 2015 spoilers!

Oz Pearlman

Oz Pearlman

He is a mentalist and did some amazing stuff with Mel B during his audition. He has a two books: one with female celebrities and one with male celebrities. He has Howie think of a male and a movie he is in. Oz writes down Tom Cruise and Top Gun. Howie said those exact things he was thinking! Then Howard has a femal celebrity and it is Oprah Winfrey and Oz is right again! I don’t know how he does it, but he is amazing on America’s Got Talent 2015!

Marlon Wayans said his mind is blown and it was incredible. Heidi Klum said it is insane. Howard Stern said he is likable and it is an A+ performance.

Check out the Oz Pearlman performance on AGT 2015 last night right here:

Do you think Oz Pearlman can be named the winner of America’s Got Talent Season 10?

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