After a mini break from AGT 2014, we are back tonight on NBC with Judgement Week on America’s Got Talent 2014 and the top acts from the America’s Got Talent 2014 auditions will be performing one more time for the judges in hopes of making the Top 48 on AGT 2014! No pressure or anything, right? One performance to show they are worthy of making the live shows on America’s Got Talent Season 9. Watch it with us tonight during our America’s Got Talent 2014 Recap!

America's Got Talent - Season 9

Last time on America’s Got Talent Season 9, we saw the auditions come to an end. It was a long journey and we saw some amazing acts take the stage, but not all of them could make it through to the next round. I have questioned a lot of the judges’ decisions, as I don’t know why they send a lot of these acts through. One act I did not question making it through from the final auditions on AGT 2014 was Beach Avenue, who came out singing any original song for their audition. Howie is not a fan of original songs for auditions, but he did enjoy them and I definitely want to hear some more of their new music!

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All of the hopeful acts will bring their talents to Judgement Week in hopes of moving on to the Top 48 on AGT 2014 and getting one step closer to that $1 million prize! Watch it with us in our Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…the acts are heading to New York for one more performance for a shot at the live shows at Radio City Music Hall! New York City looks amazing and I want to go back! Some of the acts made it straight through to the live shows, so the judges surprised those acts with the news! The acts going straight to the live shows are:

  • Blue Journey
  • Jonatan Riquelme
  • Dan Naturman
  • Acte II
  • Emil & Dariel
  • David and Leeman
  • Hart Dance Team
  • Dom The Bom’s Triple Threat

Judgement Week ~ America’s Got Talent 2014… by HumanSlinky

The other acts are in New York and they have one shot to prove they deserve to move on! The acts will be broken up into groups and up first is Magic!


Mike Super – He uses “Desmond” with his act, which is a spirit energy. He is a stay-at-home Dad, but his real passion is being a mystifier. He is trying this for the first time tonight, apparently. He uses Howie as part of his act. He has two chalkboards and puts them back-to-back with a piece of chalk inside them and has Howie hold them and think of a name. Then he calls out Nick Cannon and has him pick a random number and he picks 23. Mike opens the chalkboards and there is a Zodiac calender chart and each column adds to 23 and the other board says “Steve.” It is so weird and freaky and the judges are shocked, but worried about people not understanding or believing his act.

Psycho Jack – He is just freaky to look at and is an illusionist. He had some technical problems in the middle and it was a pretty boring event. Howard said it was a terrible performance. The judges discuss and agree and call him back out, but why??? There were too many technical issues and the judges have decided to send him home!

America’s Got Talent 2014, Boot Camp by HumanSlinky

Franklin Saint – He said he is presenting something that defies nature and is not using any gimmicks or props and using his own energy. He seems a little creepy though! He seems to crush a water bottle with his mind and then took an empty, opened, crushed pop can and fixed the can and put closed the can and it was filled with liquid! No clue how he did it, but I was bored at the same time.

Mat Franco – I loved his first card trick, so I am intrigued to see where he goes from there tonight on AGT 2014! He is concerned because he is doing small card tricks and others have big props. He has never done this trick for an audience. Mel B stops him and he shows her the 7 of hearts and then he shuffles and “loses” the card. He has Howie Mandel find the card and Mat paints a picture, as he waves out the cards and it ends up being Howie holding the 7 of hearts! The judges are shocked and speechless and Howie said he is a pro, but Howie questions his acts in a huge crowd at Radio City Music Hall.

America’s Got Talent 2014, Boot Camp by HumanSlinky


Sean & Luke – They are tap dancers from Chicago and young, cute boys and bring a young look to tap. They are cute and entertaining, but this routine was pretty boring to me. Heidi said America would love them, but Howard said they are not memorable.

Solto Esengulov – He said he is bring Bruce Lee moves and robotic style to America. He does some crazy things with his body, but I was not a fan and we had this with the winner last season!

Dragon House “The Agents” – This dance group is great and I always enjoy them, but they have so many members and have made their rounds on SYTYCD. Howard said they are good, but will they be doing that every week?

John & Andrew – They are a salsa dancing couple, but not a couple and one of them is straight! They are decent dancers, but I am just not a fan of them. They didn’t seem to add anything to it. Mel B said she loved it and it was seamless. Howie questions if a man and a woman would make it this far at that level. They get called back to the stage right away, but it is good news for them! They are going straight to Radio City Music Hall for the live shows on America’s Got Talent 2014!

America’s Got Talent 2014, Boot Camp by HumanSlinky


Quintavious Johnson – He is the only boy in his category, so he feels he has to stand out. Um, doesn’t he already stand out if he is the only boy??? He has a great voice and hits some amazing notes and has a great range.

Grace Ann Gregorio – Her mother seems like the typical stage Mom that could not sing herself and trying too hard with her daughter. She has a great opera voice, but it just bores me and that type of singing will always bore me. The judges think both acts are phenomenal.

America’s Got Talent 2014, Boot Camp by HumanSlinky

Mara Justine – While the other kids seemed a little prissy, Mara seems so humble and she has a great voice. She takes on a Whitney Houston song and nails it and seems so comfortable on that stage. She said she was super nervous, but it did not show. Howard said she is the real deal and that is a real singer. The AGT 2014 judges thought she was great and bring her back on stage to tell her she is going to the live shows!

Julia Goodwin – Her Dad is a musician and he will be playing the piano tonight for her performance, which is cool for her to have that support right next to her. She has a good voice and a unique style that I like. Howard said this is a tough category and Mel B said they are all so good.

America’s Got Talent 2014, Boot Camp by HumanSlinky


Darik Santos – He has that awkward delivery and it works at times, but not sure how this will go. He has the one-liners and they aren’t that great, but he gets some laughs from the judges. Heidi does not look amused though. Mel B said him as a character is funny, but not as a comedian.

Wendy Liebman – She has been doing comedy for 25 years, but took the time away for her kids. I have seen around, but they never showed her initial audition. I am a fan of her and her jokes are good. Mel B said she is relatable. Howie said she is good, but Heidi was not amused…again.

Joe Matarese – He also has been performing for 25 years! The first time he was so good, but he flopped with this one. Howie said he had a lot of setup, but no jokes. This makes me sad because I loved him the first time around.

America’s Got Talent 2014, Boot Camp by HumanSlinky


Juan Carlos – He is a rollerblade dancer and I have no idea how he made it through and this should be another joke. While the other judges are laughing and enjoying him, Howard is annoyed and I am right there with Howard. This is a joke and he should never have made it this far.

John Narum – He is a yo-yo artist and trying to make the yo-yo more than a toy, but an art. He does have some cool tricks and it was fun to watch, but what else can he do? Howard said he loved it, but Howie wants to know if he can do more or switch it up every week.

Loop Rawlins – He is a Wild West Showman and sets ropes on fire and spins them around and dances through them and what not, but I am bored. Mel B said she did not like it, but the other judges did. Did you?

America’s Got Talent 2014, Boot Camp by HumanSlinky

Mighty Atom Jr. and JD Anderson – Both are strongmen, but Mighty is 93 years old and JD is 26 years old. Mighty has a point saying let JD try doing this when he is 93 years old! Mighty is up first and he is pulling a truck that is 5,000 pounds and the judges and Nick Cannon hop in the back to add more weight. He brother is behind the wheel and he struggles to start, but gets it moving and gets to the goal. Does the brother help out? Not sure how he does it, but it is not exciting though. JD is up next and he rips through some phonebooks and rolls some pans and then crashes through a wall of ice blocks! The judges think it is crazy, but I am bored again.

America’s Got Talent 2014, Boot Camp by HumanSlinky


Emily West – She had a recording contract a while back, but it flopped and she lost her faith in singing. This is her comeback attempt and she has a great voice, but can she fix her damn hair??? Howard said she is the real deal.

Carly Jo Jackson – She said her typical crowd is 0-50 people with a coffee in their hand. She wants to get out of the coffee shops. She has a rasp to her voice and it gets pitchy when she goes for the higher notes on AGT 2014. Howie said she is a really good singer, but couldn’t you see a really good singer like that in a bar?

America’s Got Talent 2014, Boot Camp by HumanSlinky

Anna Clendening – She is still working on her confidence issues and breaks down before taking the stage and her anxiety is taking over! She said she can’t do it! The other female singers comfort her and get her on that stage. How can she perform every night in Las Vegas when she cannot even perform in front of the judges?? She does have a great voice, but can’t root for someone that can’t even perform in front of the judges and wants to win and have a show in Vegas!

Kelli Glover – She auditioned in 2009 and made it to Las Vegas, but got cut. She begged to stay, but the judges sent her home and now she is back to fulfill her dreams. I will admit that I thought her audition was a little rough and pitchy, but she nails this performance and her voice is so strong. She won me over tonight on America’s Got Talent 2014!

America’s Got Talent 2014, Boot Camp by HumanSlinky

Night 1 of Judgement Week has come to an end! Who was your favorite of the night?

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