It is crazy to think, but the America’s Got Talent 2014 auditions will come to an end tonight on NBC and that is just crazy to me! Is it just me or are things moving along too quickly in this world? How can it be July 1 already??? Either way, AGT 2014 is back tonight and the final acts will take the stage and hope the AGT judges 2014 send them to the next round! Check it out with us in our America’s Got Talent 2014 Recap and see videos of the America’s Got Talent auditions 2014 here!

America's Got Talent - Season 9

Last week on America’s Got Talent Season 9, NBC decided they were going to mess with the system and put a new episode on Sunday and showed us a repeat of it on Tuesday night! Why? Well, because Rising Star 2014 was premiering that night and they wanted to compete. Now I have gone over a week without any new episodes of AGT Season 9 and I am ready to see these final auditions! We have seen some great talent hit the stage already, like Mara Justinewho shocked everyone with such a grown voice in such a young body! Will it continue tonight with the America’s Got Talent 2014 auditions?

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All of the hopeful acts will bring their talents to the auditions in hopes of moving on to the next round and getting one step closer to that $1 million prize! Watch it with us in our Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on AGT 2014 Recap or see the videos of the auditions on America’s Got Talent Season 9? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…Heidi picks up all the judges and host Nick Cannon and how real do you think that was? Now let’s get to the auditions in AGT 2014!

Rogue, 34 years old – He is a magician and he opened a magic shop that has been around for 14 years now! He does a lot of kids show with like 30 or 40 people. He said he is going to do his version of Russian Roulette with the help of women’s intuition. He brings up Mel B to help him with the act. He empties a bunch of staple guns and then fills one of them with staples. He has Mel B pull all of the guns out but one and shoot it into his head. She used all the empty ones except the filled one! Howie said the fact that he made Mel B speechless is the magic on it’s own. Howard said it was entertaining and after seeing that he wants to see more. The judges send him to the next round!

Rogue, 35 ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014 Auditions by HumanSlinky

The Hudson Brothers – They do comedic rap, which I am intrigued to see. They do YouTube videos and have been watched over 180 million times! They come out all dressed as rotten women and it was funny. Howard hit his buzzer. He said it was funny and entertaining, but he does not think this is a $1 million act. Mel B said she loved it and they are impersonating women out there that act like that. Heidi said she is eager to learn something new, but she didn’t get it. Howie said it is comedy and they don’t get it. Howie and Mel B vote yes, but Howard and Heidi say no. Howie knows it is a great act, so he uses his Golden Buzzer and they are moving on to the next round!

Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

Loop Rawlins – He is a rope spinner. He has put thousands of hours into practicing this act. This is his passion and he feels he has something to show America. He is very quick with that rope and even brings out the fire and it is entertaining. Heidi said it is a great audition and she loved everything about it. Mel B said she loved the whole thing and it was great. Howie said he wowed us and it was a great, unexpected moment. Howard said he is looking for something unique and he is unique. Four yes votes and he is going on to the next round on America’s Got Talent 2014!

Loop Rawlins, 28 ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Beach Avenue – They are a band and will be singing an original song tonight. Howard is a fan of originality, but Howie does not think it will work. Will Beach Avenue change his mind? They know it is risky to take on an original song, but here we go! I think they have a good sound to them and it could grow on me. Mel B said it worked out well for them and it was a catchy song and she loved it. Heidi said she loved the sound of his voice. Howard said he is more impressed with their talent because they did an original song. Howie said he actually likes this song. The judges send them to the next round!

Beach Avenue, 27-31 ~ America’s Got Talent… by HumanSlinky

Joe Matarese – This is the first time that he is performing in front of his son, but the 4,000th time he has performed in front of his wife! I liked him and his jokes were good and fitting to his life. I laughed and am a fan! Howard said he liked that he is teaching his kid early on that life sucks. Howie said it is amazing that we have not heard of him yet, but glad he is here tonight. Mel B said he is bloody funny. He gets four yes votes and is moving on!

Joe Matarese, 46 ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Sal Gonzalez – He works for Wounded Warrior Project and goes around the country. He was wounded in 2004 while in the Marine Corps. He was blown up in Iraq and lost one of his legs. He used music to help with his recovery and he was able to let go of a lot of pain. No big shocker, but he has a good voice to go with his emotional story. Howie said he is really, really good. Mel B said he is very inspirational and he can sing. Heidi said his singing is beautiful and he sings with a lot of passion. Howard said thank god he was good. They send him to the next round!

Sal Gonzalez, 29 ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

The Birdman – His name is Joe and he trains all kinds of birds to do all crazy things. He said this parrot has the biggest vocabulary ever and she is a diva! He has been training birds for 38 years! It was cute, but I am not sure about it. The judges were entertained and they send him to the next round!

The Birdman, 48 ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Kelli Glover, 31 years old – She is currently a waitress, but singing is what she needs to do. She auditioned during 2009 and made it to the Vegas Rounds, but got cut. She got emotional and it took a lot out of here, but she has reflected over these last five years and knows she has to make it count. She has a good voice, but it gets pitchy when she gets up in those higher notes. Mel B asked how she could get cut and her voice is beautiful. Howie said she is just a dream. Howard said she has a superb voice and she has a real gift. Heidi said she has an incredible voice. They send her to the next round on America’s Got Talent 2014!

Kelli Glover, 31 ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Darik Santos – He has been doing comedy for about three years now, but has been standing up for 26 years. He is a little awkward, but not sure if this will work for him. He is a security guard for a living, which is a joke on it’s own. He talks with Howard a lot before his act and it is funny. His act is just alright for me and I am not a huge fan. Howard said some people are not going to get him, but he gets him and he is the guy that he will remember. Heidi said she liked him, but it is not a $1 million act. Howie said he reminds him of himself. Mel B said she has to give him a yes, which is three yes votes and he is going to the next round.

Darik Santos, 26 ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

K. Lyn Baker, 49 years old – She is a secretary and is good at her job. She said she feels like a dork, but then when she sings she feels like she can take over the world. She has been singing at karaoke bars for 14 years, so this should be interesting! She is funny to watch and let loose, but the singing is not there. Heidi, Mel B and Howard buzz her. It is a no and she is headed home!

K. Lyn Baker & More Unsuccessful Auditions… by HumanSlinky

Ray Jessel, 84 years old – He started performing when he was 72! His biggest supporter is his wife, who he met in 1980. He is singing an original song. He said they hold hands in movie theaters and she is his everything and he loves romance. He starts singing about her and how great she is, but unfortunately she has a PENIS! WHAT?!?! It is actually pretty funny and the crowd is entertained. Heidi said it is a catchy tune. Howard said he is a breath of fresh air at 84 years old. Mel B said he is a naughty, funny, dirty old man and she loved it. Howie said he loved it and he is funny, witty and personable. He gets four yes votes and it moving on to the next round!

Ray Jessel, 84 ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

The auditions on America’s Got Talent 2014 have come to an end! Who is your favorite heading into the next round?

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