It has been a bumpy ride on America’s Got Talent 2014, as NBC took a couple weeks off and made fans very angry with no AGT 2014 on their TV screens! Well, the live shows on America’s Got Talent 2014 begin tonight and it should be all action for the remainder of the season. We have the first 12 acts taking the stage tonight and performing for your votes! Who will you be voting for tonight on AGT Season 9? Come watch with us during our America’s Got Talent 2014 Live Recap and let’s watch the live shows on AGT Season 9 begin!

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America's Got Talent 2014 Auditions - Week 5 Preview

Was it just me or did it seem like they showed a ton of acts last week on America’s Got Talent Season 9 and way more than they showed on Tuesday night? After the two hours was complete, my head hurt from being crammed with so much information! Because of that, it seems like I was trying to put together the judges’ decisions and who did and did not make it! In the end, 47 acts made it through and we are waiting for the 48th act from the finalists on The Today Show.

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The fun begins shortly, so watch with me in our Live Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…we have The Rockettes kicking things off again and we are live in Radio City Music Hall!!! It looks huge! Nick Cannon comes out with The Rockettes and here are your judges! You ready for this? Some words from the judges and now time to get to the performances on AGT 2014 tonight!

Sean & Luke

They are a tap dancing dup from Chicago. They are cute and the girls are liking them, but they better do good tonight. Loved their audition and then they were not great last week. Sure, they are cute, but I don’t see anything special about them. They added backup dancers and big lights, but it didn’t work for me. They are not memorable, like Howard Stern has said before in the past.

JUDGES: Heidi said they did really well and put on a great show and they make it look much easier than it is. Howard said they are very likable. It was nice, but nice is not memorable. Mel B said what a great what to open the show and they are particularly talented. Howie said this youthful, classic and energetic.

Valo & Bobby

They are a husband and wife team and will be doing a dangerous balancing act. He holds her up in the air and she rides a bike in this big circle. Scary? Hell yes!!! It takes so much for him to hold her up there, but it is boring at the same time.

JUDGES: Howie said the danger factor is absolutely huge and it is spectacular and they deserve a vote for survival. Howard said they know how to fill up a stage and entertain an audience. Heidi said they went big and she loved it. Mel B said it was awful because she was frightened, but a good awful.

Julia Goodwin

She said she is just her typical, average teenager. She was introduced to music by her father, who played the piano for her during her performance during Judgement Week! She has a good voice and can sing, but this was beyond boring! Poor song choice for her tonight and I almost fell asleep!

JUDGES: Howard said she has a lot of poise and she did a nice job tonight, but not her best performance. Heidi thinks she is just giving a glimpse of what is yet to come. Mel B said her voice is very delicate and she didn’t feel her give it everything and more. Howie said he saw a Broadway performance tonight, so she is in the right city, but wrong building tonight on America’s Got Talent 2014!

Baila Conmigo

They opened the dance studio five years ago and now they are here on AGT 2014! I think there are way too many dancers on the stage, so I was shocked when they made it to the Top 48. I think they are exciting and have a lot of energy, but have we seen anything different from them tonight than we have in the past?

JUDGES: Heidi said they really brought the house down and it was so much fun to watch them. Mel B said the whole choreography and the energy makes her so excited and they are her favorite. Howie said the level of the talent is spectacular and he has never seen people move that fast. Howard said this is a big party taking place on stage and these kids are moster performers.

David & Leeman

They met on the streets while both performing and decided to join forces. One is a high school teacher and one is a barista! They are going to try to manipulate America’s mind with this trick. They start out by taking a selfie with the judges and tweet it out. They give the judges a book for each of them, some they actually wrote. They then tear out one page from each book, tear them up and then mix all the pieces together. They ask Howard for a number and he says 7, so they pick the seventh piece and ask Howie to pick the biggest word on the page. It is “camera-ready” and that is what they tweeted out with the selfie. It is cool, but a lot of things going on.

JUDGES: Mel B said they have everyone wondering at home how they did that and it is genius. Howie said he is baffled. Howard said they are very likable and their tricks are always different and thought it might of gone on too long, but they pulled it off. Heidi said she loved the last act more and the presentation was muddy and confusing.

The Willis Clan

This is a family of 12 that sing together! They do all the normal stuff as a family, but do it big. Sure, they are a cute family and it is cool seeing all 12 of them on that stage singing and playing their instruments. However, their lead is not that strong and this would not fill a stadium!

JUDGES: Howard said he is rooting for them and their story, but tonight’s performance fell flat for him. Howie said he likes the song choice, but not sure if it is good for this big, national stage. Heidi said that country fans love them and the rest will love them. Mel B said she loves them and loves what they stand for, but Radio City Music Hall swallowed them up tonight.

Flight Crew Jump Rope

They come from eight different states, so they can’t get together and rehearse. They will have three levels tonight and they have yet to make it through before tonight. I was a big fan of them during their audition, but it seemed more boring tonight and how slow could they be moving those jump ropes?

JUDGES: Howard said anything could go wrong with this act and nothing went wrong and it was perfection. Heidi said she loved it and they were very entertaining. Mel B said that was off the chain and it was great. Howie said they are an inspiration and he hopes America votes.

Jasmine Flowers

They said they are east (using props, like fans) meets west (the ballet). They do not know how their coach manages working with all of the girls. I think they are fun to watch and they do so well together, but the props were a little off tonight with their synchronization.

JUDGES: Heidi said it is really beautiful and she liked it. Mel B said it is very pretty, but she thinks they are an acquired taste. Howie said it is beautiful to watch and they are great. Howard said people do appreciate what they do, but something happened and he did not like the performance tonight and not sure if it went over that big.

Emily West

She was a shy kid, so started singing to get over her shyness. She signed a recording deal in Nashville, but she was dropped and her world crumbled. Her parents said it was scary with her not having a job when she came home while they sit in their lavish living room! I don’t think they were too worried. To be honest, this was an alright performance. I think she has an amazing voice, but this song was boring at times. Am I the only one bored a lot tonight? She hit some great notes, but boring at other.

JUDGES: Mel B said she made it her own and she sounded incredible and loved it. Howie said she blew this place away and the best act of the night so far. Howard said she is an original and you did such justice to the song. Heidi said she is a star and she has the total package.

J.D. Anderson

He said he has always been a big guy and weighed over 12 pounds when he was born and over two feet long! he is taking three stunts that would be used in a grand finale and doing them all tonight on America’s Got Talent 2014! He is old news, as he breaks bats over his head, tries to break cement blocks and knocks one over and then breaks through the ice blocks again.

JUDGES: Howard said he loves him and this man is a super star. Mel B said she likes his personality and liked the entire show he put on tonight. Howie said amazing and can’t believe he is not hurt. Heidi said he must be nutty to do this, but she kind of loves it.

Dan Naturman

He came to NYC to study law. He was doing standup while in school. He graduated and then decided he wanted to comedy. He is 44 years old and never been married. He had some jokes that made me laugh, but then he lost me for a little while. Comedy is hard to do on these shows and in just 90 seconds, but I want to see more from him.

JUDGES: Mel B said he is very engaging and she didn’t want that to stop and she really liked that a lot. Heidi said he had her in the beginning, but then lost her and then it picked up again and he is funny. Howie said you are funny and he is on his way to a brand new TV. Howard said now we are rolling and this is the show he was hoping for. He is a pro and hopes he goes far.

Miguel Dakota

He went off to college, but then his parents got divorced and he dropped out to come home and help out his family. He has been doing construction jobs to support them, but singing is what he loves. It started a little slow for me and he was quiet, but then the song kicked in and so did he. Love his voice and he is a looker, so that will win him some votes.

JUDGES: Heidi said he was smart with the song choice and it was nice for a change. Mel B said that was one hot performance and he chose the right song and he sang well. Howie said he knows who votes and he thinks that performance would win the $1 million! Howard said he is going to rain on the parade a little bit. He likes him very much and he has star quality and he picked a great song, but the performance lacked some charisma.

The performances on AGT 2014 are done for tonight! Five acts will be moving on and seven acts will be eliminated tomorrow night, so who are you voting for???

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