Check out for full commentary but in a nutshell:

Kaitlyn Epperly, Todrick Hall, Alex Lamber and Lilly Scott were voted out this week.  Everyone seems to pretty much be in an uproar over this.  Let me make a suggestion, if you don’t want to see your favs leave, you got to pick up the phone and vote for them as many times as you can.

You got the worsters out there voting for Paige and Tim so if you want to see your singer make it, you gotta make the call. 

I actually felt bad for Alex Lambert and usually I get annoyed when people cry on stage like that but he is so young and did a better job than several of the guys still in the competition.

Oh well, it’s time to move on to the TOP 12.  The contestants are singing The Rolling Stones so let’s cross our fingers and hope we have a couple of outstanding performances.