After another boring performance from the contestants this week we will see who makes up the Top 12.  I’m really tired of hearing the same slow ballads from week to week.  I’m like Killer K, bring on some rock!

 American Idol 2010 should be called the year of the judges because that is where all the focus lies.  The singers need to get it together or the judges will continue to steal their thunder as the weeks go by.

Simon’s mind seems to be elsewhere as his heart is not into the show anymore.  Perhaps it’s his impending engagement or his new opportunity with the X Factor but he is lacking in his usual tirade of abuse. 

Can Kara get anymore annoying with her incessant need to act like Paula Abdul?  Now she is faking the tears?  Come on Kara, I used to agree the most with your feedback but I can’t stand watching you fall all over Simon.  It really is quite disgusting.

Randy and Ellen are both pretty much worthless as they repeat the same things over and over.  I’m thinking Idol needs to wipe the slate clean and start over next season with a whole new panel.  Perhaps that would create the fresh start they so desperately need with the coming absence of Simon.

Be sure to tune in tonight and see if your favs have made it into the finals and you can always join us at as we discuss it all live in the chat room.