I think we found our sleeper last night on American Idol Las Vegas 2013as Kree Harrison took the stage and blew everyone away, including the American Idol judges 2013 with her performance of “Up to the Mountain.” It was Round 1 of American Idol Las Vegas 2013 and the first ten girls put on some stellar performances last night, but only five would move forward on American Idol Season 12!

American Idol Las Vegas 2013 - Kree Harrison

Kree Harrison is one of those girls that seemed to sneak by during American Idol 2013 audition rounds and Hollywood Week. They showed her here and there, but nothing ever too in-depth. Why not I am asking now?

This performance was flawless to me and she has such a beautiful voice. The American Idol judges 2013 praised her big time, so I think we may have a dark horse that has just entered the race on American Idol Las Vegas 2013. Check it out here:

Do you think Kree Harrison is Top 10 material?

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