Besides that fact that Lazaro Arbos has the stuttering problem on American Idol 2013, throw in the fact that he was born in Cuba and has a hard time communicating with people because of that and he has a combination for disaster. Yes, he has a nice story and you want to root for him on American Idol 2013, but can he survive on the show with learning new songs every week? Check out the Lazaro Arbos group performance from last night on American Idol Season 12.


I think the producers will work with Lazaro more and more if he does make the live shows, which we all know he will because they want someone people will tune in for. I just question how good he can do and then how well can he do in the business when he can’t even speak his own mind?

He might be in for a rough road ahead of him, but check out the group performance here:

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