It is time for Hollywood Week on American Idol 2013 and Idol is doing things different this season, as the guys get their own week and the girls get their own week on American Idol Season 12. Will this cause less drama for the hopefuls on American Idol 2013 or just add more and more to it? Either way, it all kicks off tonight, so don’t miss a thing during my American Idol 2013 Season 12 Live Recap tonight!


Hollywood Week is now the Hollywood Rounds and the Top 40 on American Idol 2013 will head to Vegas, but do you believe those American Idol 2013 spoilers?

The guys tonight I want to see: Lazaro Arbos, Kayden Stephenson (I don’t think he was that great in his audition and he was just sent to Hollywood based on his story), Adam Sanders and Matheus Fernandes. The last two did great in their audition, but are not on the Top 40 spoilers list.

Who are you looking forward to seeing tonight on American Idol 2013 Season 12?

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