The new American Idol judges 2013 (Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban) have completed the American Idol 2013 Season 12 auditions and now it is time for us to see what kind of talent they found as Hollywood Week on American Idol 2013 kicks off! Things are different this season, as the guys get one week and the girls get their own week in Hollywood before we see who the judges send to Vegas Week. The Top 40 on American Idol 2013 has been supposedly been known for weeks, but let’s see how accurate those American Idol 2013 spoilers are during my American Idol Hollywood Week 2013 Live Recap!


It will be interesting to see these guys take on Hollywood Week and be interesting to see some of the faces that we thought were real good (Adam Sanders, Micah Johnson and Matheus Fernandes) during their audition round, but then they don’t seem to be on the Top 40 spoilers list? Maybe they choke it up big time while in Hollywood, but that does happen to a bunch of people. Hollywood Week is all about no sleep, learning new songs and dance moves and watching as people pass out and ambulances are called and people get on stage and forget their lyrics…I love it! Come watch with me tonight and let’s see how these boys do during my American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week Live Recap!


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Here we go…the previews look intense, right? The contestants start packing their bags to make their way to Hollywood. The contestants arrive and are all confused because it is only guys? Yup, the girls come next week, so guy versus guy this week!

The judges arrive and take their seats and come out in groups of ten and sing acapella. They will be told instantly if they make it through to the next round or not…intense!

Micah Johnson starts the first group off strong and the yeses continue for Nate Tao, Gabe Brown and The Turbanator! A good start, but will it continue?

The good luck ends, as Karl Skinner starts a group of nos, which includes Dustin Watts and Dr. Calvin Peters, both of who I thought were very good!

The comes some drama, as Cortez Shaw takes the stage and starts strong on his Whitney Houston song, but then it seems too much and he was loud and obnoxious. The judges seem to be split, so the arguing will being. Did you like him? Nicki hated the audition, but the other judges loved him and moved him to the next round.

Curtis Finch, Jr. and Frankie Ford join him in the next round and then we get to see Lazaro Arbos! The stuttering continues when he introduces himself, but then knocks it out of the park on his song and the judges move him on to the next round!

It is the next round also for Trevor Blakney, Bryant Tadeo and Charles Allen (who Randy gave a standing ovation to).

The last line of the night comes in and it features Brian Rittenberry. The judges were split, but they send him home for now. Do you agree with them? The first day ends and over half of the guys were sent home!!!

With the group performances now, the contestants start looking at forming their own groups, but Nigel Lythgoe changes it up. They will be putting people in groups and once in a group they cannot change it! Like the change?

The groups are performing and Lazaro doesn’t know the song they want to pick and he doesn’t want to sing it. More drama as we have country singers and divas working together on the same team as Josh “Jada” Davila and Joel Wayman. 

Adam Sanders and Papa Peachez want to change their song, but Charles Allen is not wanting to and it is too late in the hour to change it. The Country Queen has issues as they want to focus on the lyrics, but Josh and Joel want to work on dance moves. They do work on lyrics and are forgetting them, but decide sleep is more important!

The rehearsals are done and it is time for the performances on American Idol 2013. Up first is Matheus Fernandes’ group and they seem to be gelling very well together. Nick Boddington shines and Mathenee Treco shines and Gabe Brown shines and Matheus shines. A great start to the group rounds! They all move on to the solo rounds!

The next group features Johnny Keyser and they picked a song they didn’t know and they all struggled with the lyrics. Kareem Clark is sent home, but the other members all make it through, even though they never mention the others name besides Johnny!

Charlie Askew is next and he got sick during rehearsals and Curtis Finch, Jr. was ready to pack his bags and send him home. Charlie gets better, but the whole group performance could not be any more than all about Curtis and I am over that diva, but the judges loved it and they all go through.

The next group is The Four Tones, which has Micah Johnson, Vincent Powell, Marvin Calderon and David Willis. They do very well and all four go through.

Zach Birnbaum, Nate Tao, Cortez Shaw and Elijah Liu are next and apparently Cortez changed Nicki’s mind and they all make it to the next round!

The next group thought they had the lyrics down because it had only seven lines, but they all screwed up. However, Paul Jolley and Will White move forward.

We have more lyrics not remembered and the whole group was a mess. Nicki loved it though and loved The Turbanator. They sucked, but the judges move them all on to the next round…what???

I guess talking up the judges before you perform is not good, because the next group tried to sweet talk Mariah and Nicki, but they all get sent home.

They can use a live band, but the next group decides to go a capella. Keith Urban said he doesn’t know why they went a capella because they could have knocked it out of the park. Three of them move forward and the one that chose to go a capella got sent home!

The next group features Burnell Taylor, who made Mariah Carey cry during his American Idol 2013 audition, but now he is struggling with the lyrics. His group features Tony Foster, Jr., Mario Jose and Darien Moses and they all seem to work it out on stage. They send Burnell and Tony through.

Since Lazaro didn’t grow up in America, he is struggling learning the song and he is holding his group back. They take the stage though and it features Josh Stephens, Scott Fleenor, Christian Lopez and Lazaro Arbos. The judges said it was a little inconsistent for all of them, but they send Lazaro and Christian to the next round. Are you excited for Lazaro?

Now it is time for Country Queen and Lee Pritchard starts it out and struggles with the words. The Queens do well and Trevor Blakney comes out and sounds decent, but then forget the lyrics and loses it and is in and out from that point on. The country is cut, but the queen is moving on to the solo round.

Now it is time for the youngest group on American Idol 2013, as David Leathers, Jr. (he was the last one cut last season at Hollywood Week), Kevin Quinn, Kayden Stephenson and Sanni M’Mairura take the stage. David and Sanni move forward and I knew Kayden was not that great.

Some others leaving: Griffin Peterson and Clifton Duffin.

The last group of the night takes the stage and it is Frankie Ford, Adam Sanders, Charles Allen and Papa Peachez. Frankie is a hot mess before coming on stage, but pulls it together. Papa and Frankie suck it up, but I liked Adam and Charles. The performance was not great though and the judges discuss and Frankie is headed home, but the other three make it.

So, what was your favorite moment of the night on American Idol 2013 Season 12?

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