ABC is giving us Night 2 of the American Idol 2019 premiere tonight, as the American Idol auditions 2019 continue! These contestants are looking to move on to Hollywood and it might seem like an easy choice to make after they listened to Alejandro Aranda performed. Mind you, we don’t get his back story on American Idol Season 17, but the American Idol judges 2019 seem to be gushing over him, but is this the greatest American Idol audition ever? You be the judge in our American Idol 2019 spoilers below!

American Idol 2019 Spoilers - Idol Premiere Night 2 Preview

On Sunday night, we had the Idol Premiere, as a new season of contestants and auditions began. These judges (Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie) don’t seem to be ones to give out negative comments and they also seem to be blown away by singers that aren’t really that great of singers, am I right? However, Myra Tran was definitely not one of those bad singers and deserved all the praise she received, as well as that ticket to Hollywood!

Now if you watched that Myra Tran audition video, you might be questioning why Lionel Richie would be mesmerized by what Alejandro is doing in this sneak peek video for tonight. Sure, he has a cool voice and he makes some cool runs in there. For myself, I am not blown away by him. There is nothing special about him and he would just be meh in a room full of amazing singers.

However, the judges love him and Luke Bryan didn’t seem to want it to end. Check out the Alejandro Aranda audition video here:

So, is he the best Idol audition ever?

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