This is crazy to saying, but it is time for the American Idol 2015 premiere and a new season of American Idol auditions 2015 for the American Idol judges 2015 (Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.) to get through. It all begins tonight, as the judges and Ryan Seacrest head to Nashville for the start of a new season and a fresh start (and hopefully an improvement with the American Idol Season 14 ratings)! Check it out with us during our American Idol 2015 Recap tonight and see the start of the American Idol auditions 2015 tonight!

American Idol Season 14 Premiere

We have some changes in store for Season 14, but we won’t be seeing them until later in the season. For now, it will be all about the new singers trying to get that golden ticket to Hollywood from the judges. It is nice to see the same judges in those chairs for the second season in a row, which means that the chemistry should be even better this time around, right?

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We will find out shortly, so stay right here for our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our American Idol 2015 Premiere Live Recap or see videos from the auditions on American Idol Season 14 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…Ryan kicks things off with the Top 24 singing, but we can’t see any of their faces. They do sound pretty good, which has me excited for this season! We will be going to 17 cities and online auditions and going to the judges’ hometowns and it is time to begin with Keith and in Nashville!

First up is Riley Bria, who got to play guitar at a concert with Keith in 2012! Of course, he sings a Keith song and he has a strong country voice. He is a cutie, which is always a benefit. The judges loved him and it was three yes votes and he is headed to Hollywood! We then see a new addition for this season, as we have the Wall of Fame and each person who gets a ticket will autograph it, which is cool.

Next up is Priscilla Barker and she is the baby of ten! She has the country twang going strong and I am loving it. Jennifer is making the song all about her and relating it to herself and starts laughing, which is a little rude. I’m loving the country twang she has and her Mom loves Keith and touched him at a concert. Keith and Harry give her a yes, so she is going to Hollywood to prove herself and her Mom gets a chance to hug Keith!

I am loving the vibe from Cameron Bedell as he comes in. I am so glad that his voice goes with that great vibe and he kills that song. Jennifer said they are having a nice morning here and Keith said he wants to play with him! Of course, he gets three yes votes and Cameron is headed to Hollywood Week on American Idol 2015!

They can’t all be good, as we see some bad auditions, including one girl that was excited to go in and see Mariah and Nicki! Um, she is a season or two too late, huh?

Time for a closer look at Amber Kelechi Walker, so I guess she is making it far this season? She comes from a gang area in Memphis and said if it wasn’t for singing than she would probably be dead by now! I am torn on this one. I think she is trying really hard (a little too hard). She has some good moments, but I think she needs a better song choice and more experience. Harry likes her, but thinks she needs some more time working on her vocals. It doesn’t matter, as Keith and Jennifer say yes and she is going to Hollywood!

We know see a Carrot Top lookalike take center stage. His name is Kyle Blaine Corman and he is a little nuts. That craziness comes across when he sings and it seems all over the place. If he settled down, I think he could be a decent singer. No luck for him, as the judges send him home. That is followed by even more cuts along the way and more tears from the contestants.

Kory Wheeler works at the coffee shop across the street and is working today, but took an hour off to audition! It seems like Jennifer was loving the song choice and loving the performance, but it was too hit and miss for me. The judges seem to be mesmerized though and Jennifer got goosies? No goosies for me, but the judges loved him and he is going to Hollywood.

Now we see Michael Simeon and he said he has an unusual request for when he is done singing, but he is not afraid to ask! What will it be??? He sings some Sam Smith and I am loving it, but the high notes are a little rough! The judges give him a quick yes vote, but he then asks if he can dance with Jennifer! She agrees, so Keith and Harry play and Michael sings and dances and it is cute!

I guess one last audition tonight, as we have Emily Brooke coming up. She thinks Ryan Seacrest spoke to her to audition and found out they were coming to Nashville. She started working small gigs and saved money to get here! She takes on a Carrie Underwood song and has a similar sound to Carrie. She is freaking 15 years old, so props to her on this performance. The judges loved it and think she has some raw talent, so she is going to Hollywood!

So, what do you think of Night 1 of the American Idol 2015 premiere tonight?

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