Somehow, someway American Idol 2013 has a way of making sure their show is not fresh, is not new and is the same thing they do every season and in these American Idol 2013 spoilers we have the Top 8 performance theme for next week on American Idol Season 12. How will the American Idol judges 2013 make this one seem like it is fresh and new?

American Idol 2013 Top 8

The Top 8 on American Idol 2013 will pay tribute to Motown next week, which is one week after they paid tribute to The Beatles. Aren’t these themes they do every year? And the producers wonder why American Idol ratings 2013 are down?

So, we will have to sit through another week of old songs that the singers will try to make fresh and modern. I love Motown and think there are some great songs to choose from, but I just want to see something different.

New is good…just ask the folks over at The Voice!

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