It was all about Motown last week on American Idol Season 12 for the Top 8 and now we have some American Idol 2013 spoilers that tell us what the theme will be for the Top 7 on American Idol 2013! We can only hope the producers chose a better theme because the American Idol ratings 2013 are going down and down and boring themes can be one of the causes of that!

American Idol 2013 Spoilers - Top 7

We all know that the singers are boring in the Top 7, so to spice it up a little this week the producers have picked of theme of Classic Rock, excluding ballads (we are looking at you Angie Miller)!

This could actually work and will be interesting to see how some of the singers take on rock, especially with no ballads allowed. The guys will continue to struggle and I think the girls can shine this week, but will we see Angie Miller struggle as well? She tried to have fun last week and the American Idol judges 2013 were not fans of it. This week could possibly hurt her!

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