If all goes well, at around 8:55/7:55c we should hear a big sigh of relief as the American Idol 2013 results have been read and Lazaro Arbos has been eliminated from American Idol Season 12 and the American Idol judges 2013 do not use their save on him and he goes home. That is my dream and some American Idol 2013 spoilers I would love to share with you, but we have to wait and see how America voted! Find out how that vote went during our American Idol 2013 Spoilers Top 6 Elimination Results Live Recap and see who was voted off American Idol Season 12 tonight!

American Idol 2013 Top 6 - Janelle Arthur

Who is prepared to be ticked off tonight on American Idol 2013? I am kind of ready, but secretly hoping it not to come true, as seen in my American Idol 2013 predictions earlier.

For some reason, even after how terrible his performances were last night, I think America will still vote for him and one of the girls will be the person in danger of going home tonight (probably Janelle Arthur). The judges will quickly use that save on a girl, but if Lazaro ends up in the bottom than that huge sigh of relief will be heard! Find out in our Live Recap starting soon!

Here we go…the American Idol judges 2013 come out and we have a Kevin Bacon sighting in the audience tonight and there is Jimmy Iovine. How mean will he be tonight???

The Top 6 sing a medley of Bacharach-David songs and Janelle struggles coming down those steps! Can’t understand what Lazaro is even singing and wow is all I can say for Candice Glover and Amber Holcomb’s part…amazing! Lazaro tries to sing when it is not his part and someone’s mic hurts our ears on the way to commercial.

Another Ford Fiesta Challenge and this time they go play some soccer with a huge soccer ball and using the cars. What is this madness???

Now Ryan Seacrest has us look at some highlights from Kree Harrison, Angie Miller and Lazaro, who happened to be the Top 3 last week. Jimmy Iovine said that Kree is great, but needs more emotion in her singing. He said Angie did a competent job, but did not win the night. Jimmy said Lazaro was boring and he put him ten our of the six singers only.

They are doing some pairings tonight for the American Idol results 2013: Angie to the far side of the stage, Lazaro in the center and Kree on the near side of the stage. That’s all we have for now folks! So, do you think Janelle joins Lazaro and are the bottom two tonight?

Time to check in with a past Idol, as Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery takes the stage to perform his new single “See You Tonight” and he has had some major success since being on the show. Good for him!

The choices for themes can be found on AmericanIdol.com to vote for what you want to hear the singers sing at some point.

More results and a look back at Janelle Arthur from last night. Jimmy said she did literal interpretations of the songs last night and she needs to do them in her own style. She joins Angie on the far side of stage. Janelle and Angie safe then???

Now a look back at Candice Glover and we all know how this will go, right? Jimmy said she is leading the pack and that was not even including her last performance. Candice joins Kree, so another safe pairing huh?

The last singer to look back on is Amber Holcomb and Jimmy said she looked like the entire package last night and to keep doing what she is doing. She, of course, joins Lazaro on the stage, so is that the bottom two tonight?

One of the pairings is the bottom two, one is the top two and one is the middle two. How do you think it will turn out??? I so think Lazaro and Amber will not be bottom two…just a feeling. Maybe Angie and Janelle in bottom two?

Before we find out those pairings, let’s take a look back at Kelly Clarkson and I just love this woman. It all started with her so many years ago and she has gone on to huge things…she is one of my favorites out there! Is she your favorite American Idol winner? She sings “People Like Us” and I love this woman! She shares a moment with Mariah Carey and it is funny and I love her so much and Mariah wants some help with some new music!

Enough with the waiting, so back to the pairings and the results tonight on American Idol 2013! Kree and Candice are the top two, but duh! Love it!!! I am shocked, but Lazaro and Amber are the bottom two, which means that Angie and Janelle are safe tonight! They go to a commercial break, but keep a camera on the side with the cameras rolling still. Anyone annoyed by this??

The votes have been counted and the person in danger of going home tonight on American Idol Season 12 is Lazaro!!! He sings for survival, but will the judges save him? He sounds good on this song, but I don’t think there is any way in hell they use the save! Amber is using her shirt to dry the tears! Randy Jackson makes the announcement and they will not be using the save tonight and Lazaro is headed home on American Idol 2013! Are you shocked? And did you hear the sigh???

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