Last night at the American Idol Season 12 Finale, all the American Idol judges 2013 got up on stage and performed, including Randy Jackson, but why did Nicki Minaj not perform on the American Idol 2013 Finale? I have been wondering that same thing and we have your American Idol 2013 spoilers with the answer!

American Idol 2013 Spoilers - Nicki Minaj

The finale was all about performances, as Mariah Carey pre-recorded a horrible performance that included Randy Jackson playing the guitar. Keith Urban pre-recorded a performance as well and got up there with finalist Kree Harrison to perform with Randy Jackson as well. So, why no Nicki???

She explained to TV Guide: “I had already committed to the Billboard Awards to perform my single [‘High School’], and so I wasn’t allowed to perform it on Idol and perform it on Billboard [both].” Hmmm, does that work for you?

Me either! She goes on a little bit more: “I was supposed to premiere my ‘High School’ video on Idol but they said it was too risque. Anyway.” Yeah, she is bitter and it would explain why she won’t be coming back for Season 13. I think she was a little too much to handle for the Idol viewers. Check out Nicki’s video here and see if it is too risque:

You can catch Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne perform the hit song this Sunday night at the Billboard Music Awards on ABC at 8/7c.

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