It looks like the world might be in for something new and different on American Idol 2013 and it isn’t the new American Idol judges 2013. It seems one of the guys to make the Top 40 on American Idol Season 12 goes by the name of Josh “Jada” Davila and you be the judge of him in the video below. Do we have our hands on another Boy George here in the American Idol auditions 2013?

Josh Jada Davila hails from Chicago and took part of the Chicago auditions for American Idol 2013, but the producers never showed his audition. However, he did get a Golden Ticket and moved on to Hollywood Week. He is also supposed to make the Top 20 guys on American Idol Season 12, so why was he not shown at all. In the ending of last week’s show, he was shown with his ticket, but no audition. Is it because of his androgynous look? Is he a boy? Is he a girl? Is he transgendered? How does American Idol 2013 handle this?

It looks like he will be put in the guy’s category, but his look is supposed to be neither male nor female. As you can see, he wears the makeup and jewelry, but then dresses very gothic and more boy-like, if that even makes sense. I am not a hater, so don’t leave me hateful comments and I am ripping on the homosexual society. I am gay and don’t quite understand what is going on here. He isn’t a drag queen, nor is he living as Josh, so figure it out for me please! Check out his American Idol 2013 interview here:

Do you think America and American Idol is ready for a contestant like Josh Jada Davila?

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