Let the rumors start flying around about who will be the new judges for American Idol Season 13 and one of the early names being mentioned in Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken. Actually, the current American Idol 2013 spoilers going around is that FOX is considering a judges panel of all alumni from American Idol! I think this could be super interesting and could bring back some old fans, right?

American Idol 2013 Spoilers - Clay Aiken

The report comes from Vulture and it appears we could have an all-alumni panel of judges for American Idol 2014:

“There’s a very real chance the next American Idol will be judged by a panel of former American Idols. As Fox and the production companies behind the struggling (yet still high-rated) singing show ponder changes for the 2014 edition, two people with knowledge of the situation tell Vulture that serious consideration is being given to the idea of filling one, and very possibly all, of the slots on the show’s judging panel with former Idol contestants. These sources say Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson have already been approached about the idea, and that the names of Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken are also under discussion.”

I love this idea. The reason why so many people loved Idol and tuned in every week was because of the amazing singers that were on the show and they fell in love with the contestants. These four were some of those contestants and have all gone on to do great things in their careers. I think that would be an amazing panel of judges for American Idol Season 13. What do you think? Or who would you like to see come back if they do an all-alumni judges panel?

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