The Top 3 on American Idol Season 12 took the stage this past week and performed their hearts out in hopes of making the American Idol 2013 Finale, but only two of the ladies moved on in a shocking elimination. Elimination or not, these are the best performances from the American Idol Season 12 Top 3 in our American Idol 2013 spoilers videos below!

American Idol 2013 Spoilers - Angie Miller

Candice Glover, Angie Miller and Kree Harrison all performed three songs this past week and none of them had a say in the song choices. They were picked for them by Jimmy Iovine, the American Idol judges 2013 and by the producers. Here are our picks of the best of the bes, even though some of them were not that great:

Candice Glover (Producers’ Pick) – “Somewhere” from West Side Story

This performance from Candice closed the show for the night and what a way to close it. Was this the reason she moved on to the finale? Awesome performance and her vocals are so good. I have been rooting for her all season long and it is performances like this that prove why. Will she win though?

Angie Miller (Judges’ Pick) – “Try” by Pink

Maybe it is the fact that I love me some Pink or maybe it is the fact that everyone on American Idol 2013 talks about getting Angie Miller behind that damn piano. She left the piano behind for this performance and I loved it. It was fun and upbeat and she seemed to be having fun out there. I enjoyed seeing this side of her, but maybe others didn’t since she was voted off?

Who were your favorites from the Top 3 on American Idol 2013 the second time around?

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