With The Voice 2012 and The X Factor USA 2012 gaining popularity maybe it is time for American Idol 2013 to make some changes to their format in hopes of gaining some of their ratings back? Rumors have been flying around on who makes the Top 40 for American Idol Season 12 and now it seems like there may be some changes to the voting system that has remained the same for American Idol over the previous 11 seasons. What will those voting changes for American Idol 2013 be?

While America still has the say in the winner for American Idol Season 12, they did introduce the “Judges Save” a few seasons ago so we don’t see another talented singer leave us early, like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry both did in their seasons! Now it seems that the show doesn’t want to give control of the voting over to the public quite so early. It seems that America won’t have a say on who goes home until the American Idol 2013 Top 10 take the stage!

That is a huge thing for American Idol Season 12, but is it true? Will the American Idol judges have the say in the Top 12 or even Top 13 or will we just start right at the Top 10? The Voice Season 3 added in the iTunes voting and multiplying the singers’ votes by ten if they made the Top 10. It seemed like a good idea, but many people complained about it being unfair. Will American Idol add in an iTunes voting this year? It seems like a great way to make some money and see which artists can actually sell albums, so if not this year, expect it soon enough.

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