The American Idol auditions 2013 head to Charlotte, North Carolina, for the first time ever in American Idol history, which is surprising because North Carolina has produced an American Idol winner and runner-up. Will we find the next American Idol in Charlotte? First the singers have to get past American Idol judges 2013 Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban. Who makes it to Hollywood Week on American Idol Season 12? Find out during my American Idol 2013 Live Recap.

Last week the auditions kicked off and we saw Ryan Seacrest and the gang head to both New York City and Chicago. When all was said and done, 87 people got a Golden Ticket and we will see more of them during Hollywood Week. We saw good ones and bad ones, but who stood out to you as your favorite audition for American Idol 2013? Lazaro Arbos stands out to me, but I have to see more of him in Hollywood Week, which he is rumored to do well in and make the Top 40!

Tonight is the epic event that everyone keeps talking about for American Idol 2013: the fight between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. We finally get to see how serious it was and how it all started. Do you think it is as big of a deal as it has been hyped up to be? See it all happen during my American Idol 2013 Live Recap and we can watch the fight and the Charlotte auditions for American Idol Season 12.


Don’t want to know what happened on the American Idol Charlotte Auditions 2013? Then don’t read ahead!


We start right with the argument tonight? It starts with scenes from it, but then six hours earlier. Naomi Morris brings her boobs with her to her audition, but not her singing voice and she sucks it up, both times she got to sing. The judges say no.

The nerves are working tonight, as Joel Nemoyer gets ready to go in front of the judges. Apparently in Season 5 they said it is good to sing while lying down and he tries it, but fails terribly. He is a big dork and what is it with Nicki Minaj giving everyone a nickname? The judges say no.

They don’t always look like the American Idol, but they can sing like it. Brian Rittenberry had a lot of soul and a wife that has hall pass for Keith Urban. He goes to Hollywood and she gets to meet Keith Urband. A win for both of them!

Jimmy Smith has been inspired to be a singer by Keith Urban, so it looks like Keith is getting some love in Charlotte. Mariah said he has something incredible and unique and the judges give him four yeses.

Three quick yes votes and apparently the judges are hungry, so they take a break for some lunch and it just seems awkward. Anyone else feeling it on American Idol 2013?

Matthew Muse sings karaoke and uses his eyes to work the crowd, so this is going to be awkward. He gets compared to Brad Paisley and Keith jokes that he looks like him, which is so off. I don’t know where he sings karaoke, but he needs to go back to it! Also, why do the judges keep asking these people to dance? It is American Idol no SYTYCD!

Isabel Gonzalez was nominated by her aunt and Randy visited her school to give her her ticket to audition in front of the judges. She has that indie tone to her voice and I think it is great. Keith said she is a natural. It is four yes votes and she gets the Golden Ticket!

Taisha Bethea is a cutie and sings in a rock band called Carson. She sings rock, but comes in singing a Johnny Cash song? She then sings Alanis Morissette and does very good. The judges are confused, besides Nicki, and are intrigued by her. Keith and Nicki say yes, but Randy and Mariah say no. Keith is the deciding vote and sends her to Hollywood.

After some difference of opinions from the judges for a couple of hours, the audition that started the drama comes in. It is Summer Cunningham and she sings country, but that starts a debate. Nicki thinks she has a great voice and it should be based on that, but Randy and Mariah seem to be picking her apart on the country thing and going on and on about it. They give her a Golden Ticket, but then Randy makes a comment about being in the business for 30 years and has insight, which pisses Nicki off and she walks out…is that the end? Doubtful, but I am on Nicki’s side right now!

Apparently that was it and to me, it seemed to be between Nicki and Randy, not Nicki and Mariah. Anyone agree?

The first audition for Day 2 in Charlotte for American Idol 2013 and it is Brandy Hamilton up first and the judges seem to be in better moods. She wows the judges and they all agree (thankfully) and send her to Hollywood.

Ashley Smith is a lot to handle…she wants to join in everyone’s conversation, she interrupts other people’s interviews and is a hot mess. She comes in front of the judges and sings Carrie Underwood and nails it, which shocks the hell out of me! It is done very well and the judges were impressed and she is headed to Hollywood!

Janelle Arthur worked with Dolly Parton as a child, so you know she is going to have a great voice. She sings country and sounds great. Nicki think she is special and already seems like a star and the judges all agree, so she is moving on.

Keith has to leave early again, so they are trying to see as many as they can before he leaves on American Idol 2013. Most are bad, but then we meet Rodney Barber. He used to be homeless and now he sings on the streets and helps people currently homeless, so he is paying it forward. He sings alright, but he seems like a great guy and I am a fan.

Time for another returning singer, as Candice Glover returns to American Idol 2013 after being cut in Vegas last season. The judges gave her a standing ovation and said she is the best audition of the season so far, so she gets a Golden Ticket.

Ja’Bria Barber is a frog killer and said if she makes it to Hollywood she would have everyone over for some frog legs. The judges aren’t having any of it though and Nicki said she has to stop killing frogs if they send her to Hollywood. She can sing very good and the judges believe in her, so they send her to Hollywood.

Maybe Brad Harris should stick to rapping, as he “sings” and the judges are not impressed at all. He rapped under the name of “Bacon” and that is all Mariah can think of now.

Maybe you have to bring in your little, adorable daughter to make it to Hollywood? Not really, as Seretha Guinn brings in her daughter, but she nails the audition and even brings Nicki Minaj to tears. She sings great and makes it to Hollywood.

The night is done and 37 hopefuls made it to Hollywood. Who was your favorite audition of the night?

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